"Guys should have to pay for all the meals since girls have to spend so much on make up and clothes...

To look good for guys?"

Do you think this is a good trade off? Do you think this makes sense? Why or why not?

  • I agree, it's only fair that guys pay for the meals since girls have to pay a lot more to look good for guys
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  • I disagree, girls pay for that stuff on their own, they don't always buy that stuff for guys so that's silly logic
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  • I agree for different reasons
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  • I disagree for different reasons
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  • I disagree, girls buy/use that stuff because they want it's not like the guy actually asked them to use it... if that's the reason for girls don't even pay half of the meal, let's make it this calculation

    her cloths + make up + shoes + accessories + meal + his cloths + hair gel + shoes + accessories = 1st value / 2 persons = 2nd value

    1st value / 2 persons = 2nd value

    (her cloths + make up + shoes + accessories) - 2nd value = what she will pay

    (his cloths + hair gel + shoes + accessories) - 2nd value = what he will pay

    this way both will be spending the same but I guess it's too many maths to do to one date


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  • Although girls do have to spend more time and money to look good, that doesn't mean that's the reason guys should pay. I think on the first few dates the guy should pay. I think it's a win win situation. Guys like paying because it's a nice gesture, and it makes them feel like gentlemen (so I've been told by a lot of my guy friends), and girls like guys to pay because it's charming, and it makes us think that they actually like us and aren't just looking for sex. After a while however, I think it's only fair to split the cost.

  • I would not date a guy who didn't pay for the first few dates because I wouldn't trust his intentions toward me. I know the type of guy who bitches about having to spend money on a woman, and it's because they don't like those women and don't feel they are worth the effort. Why would I be interested in dating someone who felt that about me?

    • Some girls think that paying for things like that is like he's just buying sex from you.

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    • I said this earlier, ill reeat it. I find it a bit disgusting that _money_ symbolizes the nature of the relationship.

      btw a guy can pay for dinner & still be a d***-even more.

      Surveys done with college guys- Say if they pay for a date they don't mind forcing sex..irs there right, they paid for i. not saying a guy who pays will rape you. I'm saying if money means anything --it isn't that you are valued as a human being. we dnt buy people anymore.. in most places anyways. its considered uncivilized.

    • Damn, you really hate men.

  • Lol no. I buy those things and take care of myself because I want to, regardless of whether I'm seeing someone or 'trying to get a guy' or not. I think that's silly. I think whoever initiates the date should be expecting to pay, simply because I wouldn't initiate a date if I didn't have the means/money to pay for it, or I would plan something that is still fun but costs nothing. And if you ask someone out but expect the other person to pay for their half, then that should be established before you're actually on the date, otherwise the other person might not be prepared because of that lack of communication and misunderstanding in expectations.

    In a relationship, I think the same basically applies, though in MY relationship, we take turns paying depending on whose idea it was to go out, and which of us has the means/money to cover it at the time. Or we go halves. Sometimes I just like to treat my guy to something nice, and vice versa. I don't expect him to pay for everything, by any means. Our spending tends to be pretty even when it comes to going out or buying things for each other. Like for example, I'm expecting my check any day now, and I was planning on springing for groceries this time, to make meals at home for both of us. That's me spending money on 'at home dates' kind of, and doing all the work myself. He doesn't know this yet because I only decided it today at work and made a shopping list a few minutes ago. I also added some other things that will be beneficial to us both, like laundry soap, razors, and lube. =P I'll probably end up wanting to go out too once I budget my money and set aside what I need for my bills, in which case I'll be paying because it's my idea and I know I have more money than he does right now due to our checks coming at different times. It's actually really convenient, because we're able to cover each other when necessary, and I'm sure he'll be wanting to return the favor when HE gets paid, whether it be paying for groceries or taking me out. It works for us.

  • Not even close to fair.

    I buy makeup and clothes I like because it makes me feel good when I think I look nice. I'll keep in mind what my boyfriend likes. For example, his favorite colors are blue and grey, and he really likes when I wear some shades of those colors or when I do my makeup a certain way. So, I consider what he likes, but I don't always dress for him specifically.

    Helping with regular expenses makes sense. The cost of groceries, for instance, shouldn't fall consistently on one person.

    Even if a couple have been on serval dates, I still think that the girl ought to at least offer to pay sometimes. My boyfriend doesn't like me to pay for dates, so I pitch in, and we're both okay with that.


    Worse trade off ever - only because men spend money on their own clothes, shaving creams, soaps - you know, stuff that's pretty general for people to buy in order to feel clean and look attractive.

    Oy lol -_-

    Want to know how expensive make up is? You can go to the dollar store and get eyeshadow, foundation, lip / eye liner - nail polish all for a dollar each.

    If you have money to blow - sure you can spend hundreds gettins super high quality stuff - but the average everyday woman wants something financially respectful but still pretty effective as far as makeup.

    At the most - a girl could spend like 30 bucks for good product.

    OMG so much money -_-

    Compare like 30 bucks every 2 - 3 months - to buying dinners for two which could range from 15 - 150 bucks depending and where you go like 5 - 6 times a month.

    Clothing is the same - you can find reasonably priced outfits for not pocket breaking amounts - and get this - women don't just buy an entire war drobe when we go shopping - most the stuff in our closet is collective from over the years. So it's like buying a 45 buck outfit every so often and then cheap 8 - 15 buck shirts every now and then.

    That is the worse excuse as to why guys should pay.

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  • I think guys should pay for the food because it is easier for guys to make money. They get paid more. They handle stress better. They can physically work harder and longer. You are more likely to get a job being a man than a woman.

    People see traditional roles as sexist and that it's somehow an ego thing. But to me, it is not to say that girls are incapable or dependent. They certainly could handle most anything a man could, just not as well. It's just that typically, and this is for a majority and not every individual couple fits in.. the woman is more nurturing and the man is stronger. So naturally I like traditional roles because they play to each person's strengths. Not because it classifies men as stronger or better laborers or protectors. I think, in a family, nurturing is far more important and far more difficult a task than working to provide money (which is why it should not be left up to a babysitter).

    So again in short: guys make more money and they can pick up more work much more easily, so they should pay.

    • thats an interesting point of view... except that being physically strong is not necessarily an important factor in many many jobs these days. Intellectual jobs will also often result in higher pay. As for men handling stress better... the world suicide rate is far higher in men than women . Also, women are known to be better multi-taskers. Just like there are some fields of work that have few women there are also fields which have fewer men.

    • I don't really want to get into this argument cause I don't see anything positive coming out of it... but rather than addressing the very offensive question of "who is intellectually superior as a worker" I'll just say that... even in intellectual jobs, men still get paid more and are still more often than not chosen over women.

    • As for suicide rates, there are many factors involved. You can't assume that women deal with stress better because of that it is much more likely that society puts more pressure on men than women. And I think as a male, and I don't mean to make this a competition of sorts, we do face more pressure. We accept women in so many ways. In fact, encourage them to be content with themselves. The opposite is true with men. Homosexuality, obesity, frailness, fetishes, etc are glorified in only one gender

  • No, it doesn't make sense. If she was a truly beautiful girl, she shouldn't have to put a lot of make up or wear expensive clothing. In reality, straight men are not concerned about fashion; they're more concerned about women taking off the clothing.

  • Girls don't HAVE to spend any more on looking good than guys do. There may be more pressure to look good, but no one's being forced to do anything. Same situation with guys paying for meals.

    It doesn't make sense that adding more pressure/rules to everyone is a solution. I guess it would create more equality, but I doubt most rational people would want everyone to be equally *oppressed* rather than liberated. So to the person who said what you quoted, if spending so much money on make-up and clothes is honestly so bothersome to you, stop doing it. Free yourself.

    I'm sure most girls reading that would say, "no, you don't understand, we do HAVE to spend that much," but seriously, I know girls who truly don't (my sister, for example). And if you were genuinely poor, would you waste your few dollars on that stuff? I doubt it.

  • Disagree.

    Although it's true that girls do spend more money on make up to look good, guys open their wallets to look good as well. If a girl is invited for dinner, she shouldn't pay. Same for a guy. Otherwise it should be 50/50.

    But then again, may be its just me.

  • I don't mind paying, but I mind being expected to pay. You've got to at least reach for the check...

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