"Guys should have to pay for all the meals since girls have to spend so much on make up and clothes...

To look good for guys?"

Do you think this is a good trade off? Do you think this makes sense? Why or why not?

  • Vote A I agree, it's only fair that guys pay for the meals since girls have to pay a lot more to look good for guys
  • Vote B I disagree, girls pay for that stuff on their own, they don't always buy that stuff for guys so that's silly logic
  • Vote C I agree for different reasons
  • Vote D I disagree for different reasons
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  • I disagree, girls buy/use that stuff because they want it's not like the guy actually asked them to use it... if that's the reason for girls don't even pay half of the meal, let's make it this calculation

    her cloths + make up + shoes + accessories + meal + his cloths + hair gel + shoes + accessories = 1st value / 2 persons = 2nd value

    1st value / 2 persons = 2nd value

    (her cloths + make up + shoes + accessories) - 2nd value = what she will pay

    (his cloths + hair gel + shoes + accessories) - 2nd value = what he will pay

    this way both will be spending the same but I guess it's too many maths to do to one date

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      You lost me at the first equation. O_o

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      holy moly

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      Are you an econ student? Brought back my college text nightmares.