Why do guys always screw me over?

So this just happened to me… again, so they make it seem that they are completely in lub with you and then Facebook: soandso so is in a relation with entergirlthatisn'tme. And just when I thought I was going to start crushing on this guy :P But the thing was right after we were done talking the relationship status came up O.o

Ok, ladies (sofar), to elaborate, I am perfectly fine with being friends it's just that as friends we need our boundaries, and no me getting confused O.o


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  • Most guys are gonna screw you over until you learn game. the sad truth that you may not be aware of is most guys are not looking for relationships. there are more guys looking for a chick to screw than there are guys who go out looking for their next girlfriend. men don't think like women do. so you need to be a little more savvy and realize that just because he ACTS like he's in love doesn't mean he is. in fact, he's probably not. most guys date (or at least try to, or wish they could) more than one girl at a time. this is called playing the field and keeping their options open. you should do this too. why? because if you only talk to one guy at a time, you get pretty invested in him and when things don't work out you feel very disappointed, as you do now. but how much you wanna bet if you talked to 2+ guys at any given time, you'd feel less emotionally attached to the particular guys and when things don't work out, u'd be less disappointed. you'd be like "oh well it happens like that sometimes" and be able to bounce back faster. don't be eager for a relationship, just take things as they come and have fun. don't take guys too seriously

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      It's not a game.

      If you treat love like a game, then ofcourse you're going to get screwed over.

      In a game there has to be a winner and a loser.

      In love there are no winners or losers, it just is.

      @Asker: You get screwed over because you're looking for some kind of conformation from him that he won't screw you over. That you can trust him. If he does what he did, then he can't be trusted. You can not force youself to have a crush on someone, if that were true, then it's not a crush.

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      Your comment, while a nice idyllic one, is assuming that the guys she meets are looking for love, and will not try to manipulate her quest for love.