What does swag mean?

According to oxford dictionary, the word swag is from 16th century. it means "An ornamental festoon of flowers, fruit, and greenery" so why are people stealing the word and giving it a new meaning?


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  • Pretty much what Weapon and Dre said. Though short for swagger, I consider the full word as a person who also has class/etiquette and can adapt well in classy environments. A guy with baggy jeans, white wifebeater(tank top), black gums, 6 teeth, and can barely speak English (out of stupidity) can have sawg but not swagger. If you put this guy around women with etiquette and some standards, he would freeze up unlike like a shy little nerd in 9th grade.


    Swag: Lil' Pookie an 'nem

    Swagger: Obama and Denzel Washington

    Swag: Taquisha

    Swagger: Oprah (OK I'm reaching here)


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  • words take on new meaning all the time. the English language is constantly evolving

  • look up swagger

    it's being stylish, cool, laid back, sexy, good with the ladies, confidant...etc.

    • Swagger means. to walk or strut with a defiant or insolent air.

    • Wow dude you love that dictionary!

  • swag means goodies...so it's not so far off from its original definition.

  • link

    vocabulary changes. happens all the time.

  • It's a person style


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  • urban dictionary: link

    (keep that link, it's a nice one!)

  • I've heard swag mean a few things. The most common use I see is in describing free gifts/prizes given away at the door to people who attend special events. Sometimes, however, people use it as an abbreviated form of swagger, speaking about a level of confidence that is visible based on obversvation of the way a person walks and moves.

  • "Forgeaf þa Beowulfe brand Healfdenes

    segen gyldenne sigores to leane;

    hroden hildecumbor, helm ond byrnan,

    mære maðþumsweord manige gesawon

    beforan beorn beran. "

    Excerpt from the original translation of the poem Beowulf into English. If things didn't change in language you wouldn't be talking like you do today.

  • (To pot smokers ) You know the loose leaf and ground up bud that accumilates at the bottom of of a big bag of weed ?

    Well that what we call the swag of the bag, usually this is a negative statement =/

  • I suppose you were upset when 'Queer' and 'Gay' were given new meaning too?

  • It's something youngsters do thinking they just invented something new. This word was brought back in 07', it basically means that you have fresh gear, charming, and cool.

  • Swag is also low quality marijuana that is sold cheap as dirt. Language is not universal. Everyone places their own meaning on words. Not everyone in the world speaks English, or do all English speaking people speak the same English. From culture to culture their are variations in meaning and usage. Swag is just one example. F** would be another. F** can be a homosexual person or a cigarette. Why are you so narrow minded?

    • *there

    • hey come on man, I am not narrow minded it's just that I did not understand why people used the word all the time.