What does swag mean?

According to oxford dictionary, the word swag is from 16th century. it means "An ornamental festoon of flowers, fruit, and greenery" so why are people stealing the word and giving it a new meaning?


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  • Pretty much what Weapon and Dre said. Though short for swagger, I consider the full word as a person who also has class/etiquette and can adapt well in classy environments. A guy with baggy jeans, white wifebeater(tank top), black gums, 6 teeth, and can barely speak English (out of stupidity) can have sawg but not swagger. If you put this guy around women with etiquette and some standards, he would freeze up unlike like a shy little nerd in 9th grade.


    Swag: Lil' Pookie an 'nem

    Swagger: Obama and Denzel Washington

    Swag: Taquisha

    Swagger: Oprah (OK I'm reaching here)