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What if America had a shortage of men?

How would you ladies you feel about that? In Russia I hear they seem to have a shortage of men. To where the ratio is one man to 10 women. Most of... Show More

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    • LOOOOOL I think you'll learn all the world's languages, because generally the men are less than the women in the world! LoL Good luck :P

What Girls Said 13

  • Well there is no shortage of douche bags right now lol

  • I'd leave. move to China where are too many guys :P

  • There is already a shortage of men.

    For every one man there are 5 females dying to get with him. If America/ Canada ran out of men, I'd kidnap one and keep him in my basement before they are all taken.

    • You can kidnap me anytime. ;-)

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    • Haha.

      Perfect answer.

    • I suppose :P

  • I'd stick with women and/or a dildo... lol

  • Naturally hope to be Bisexual :')

  • I would never be able to know my man was with other women.

    im way to possessive and those bitches would be taken down!

  • I'm gonna be single forever, I don't have the attention to make my house like a school! lol

    • Sorry > intention*****

  • I don't think I could share my guy with others :x

    to be honest, I prefer it the other way around, being

    pampered by several guys at once is nice hehe ;x

  • We don't have that ratio in America and people still date multiple people anyway but personally

    i guess I would just be single forever then or maybe become a lesbian lol

    i would rather be single then date a guy that was dating other girls, no matter what the ratio was

  • well the city I live in has a shortage of men. and an even bigger shortage of dateable men. ain't sh*t you can really do about it. the right man will come for me at the right time, I'm not going to debase myself by sharing a guy or putting up with traits I don't want just to say I have a man. it isn't worth it.

  • i would move

  • Go to canada or where my family originates from

  • problem solved especially from you

What Guys Said 4

  • Ladies, don't be ridiculous. I'll volunteer myself so you can stay in your homeland...if anybody will take me. If not, then I'll move to Russia.

  • So basically, Russia is where it's at...

    • Basically sir.

  • I hear they hae a shortage of men in China too


    • Or is it women. got that mixed up lol

    • I got a little too excited, it's women. Sigh.

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