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What if America had a shortage of men?

How would you ladies you feel about that? In Russia I hear they seem to have a shortage of men. To where the ratio is one man to 10 women. Most of these men take advantage of this by dating several women at one time and women are quite aware & even comfortable with the Idea of sharing. Many of these men have bad habits of excessive drinking & smoking which is shortening it down even more. So what if you were out into these same conditions?

What's Your Opinion?


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    • LOOOOOL I think you'll learn all the world's languages, because generally the men are less than the women in the world! LoL Good luck :P

What Girls Said 13

  • Well there is no shortage of douche bags right now lol

  • I'd leave. move to China where are too many guys :P

    • Damn, I was gonna say that.

    • You move to China...I'll move to Russia :)

  • There is already a shortage of men.For every one man there are 5 females dying to get with him. If America/ Canada ran out of men, I'd kidnap one and keep him in my basement before they are all taken.

    • You can kidnap me anytime. ;-)

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    • Haha. Perfect answer.

    • I suppose :P

  • I'd stick with women and/or a dildo... lol

  • Naturally hope to be Bisexual :')

  • I would never be able to know my man was with other women.im way to possessive and those bitches would be taken down!

  • We don't have that ratio in America and people still date multiple people anyway but personallyi guess I would just be single forever then or maybe become a lesbian loli would rather be single then date a guy that was dating other girls, no matter what the ratio was

  • I'm gonna be single forever, I don't have the attention to make my house like a school! lol

    • Sorry > intention*****

  • I don't think I could share my guy with others :xto be honest, I prefer it the other way around, beingpampered by several guys at once is nice hehe ;x

  • well the city I live in has a shortage of men. and an even bigger shortage of dateable men. ain't sh*t you can really do about it. the right man will come for me at the right time, I'm not going to debase myself by sharing a guy or putting up with traits I don't want just to say I have a man. it isn't worth it.

  • i would move

  • Go to canada or where my family originates from

  • problem solved especially from you

What Guys Said 4

  • Ladies, don't be ridiculous. I'll volunteer myself so you can stay in your homeland...if anybody will take me. If not, then I'll move to Russia.

  • I hear they hae a shortage of men in China too


    • Or is it women. got that mixed up lol

    • I got a little too excited, it's women. Sigh.

  • So basically, Russia is where it's at...

    • Basically sir.