Who pays for prom tickets?

We are dating. He hasn't mentioned it yet, but I was just wondering who pays for it.

  • Vote A Always the guys
  • Vote B Pay for your own ticket
  • Vote C Split the cost
  • Vote D Always the person who asks them to prom
  • Vote E No opinion
And you are? I'm a GirlI'm a Guy
if you can, please explain.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I think it depends on the nature of your relationship. Personally I see paying for the Prom the same way I do dating. If I ask a guy out on a date and he accepts, I pay. If he asks me out he pays. After that we can go Dutch or switch off who pays.

    But if you know the guy doesn't have a ton of cash, it would be great to split the cost, even if he asked...