Who pays for prom tickets?

We are dating. He hasn't mentioned it yet, but I was just wondering who pays for it.

  • Always the guys
    24% (31)25% (16)25% (47)Vote
  • Pay for your own ticket
    18% (23)21% (13)19% (36)Vote
  • Split the cost
    18% (23)24% (15)20% (38)Vote
  • Always the person who asks them to prom
    32% (41)24% (15)29% (56)Vote
  • No opinion
    8% (9)6% (4)7% (13)Vote
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if you can, please explain.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I think it depends on the nature of your relationship. Personally I see paying for the Prom the same way I do dating. If I ask a guy out on a date and he accepts, I pay. If he asks me out he pays. After that we can go Dutch or switch off who pays.

    But if you know the guy doesn't have a ton of cash, it would be great to split the cost, even if he asked...


What Guys Said 7

  • I always pay.

    Pretty simple.

  • Split the cost

  • If he's half smart, he'd be paying.

  • You pay for your ownnnnn

  • If they both go to the same school, each pay their own ticket

    Otherwise, the person who asked (from that school) pays for the date (from another school)

  • In my opinion, if the couple has been together less than a month they should each buy their own prom ticket but if longer (sadly a month is a long time in high school) then the guy pays

    just my 2 cents... if even worth that much

  • I would pay even if she invited


What Girls Said 10

  • Dating/relationship: Man Pays

    Friends: Split cost

    That's how I rolled in high school, that's how I rolled at my prom.

    • Did you have an actual date to the prom or did you just go with a friend?

    • I went with a friend, there was only one dance I went with a boyfriend, and that was homecoming.

  • It depends on the situation. Most of the time, the guy pays. But if you're not too serious together, and you're just going as friends or as a date, then usually the person asking pays. Or you split it.

    Best way to figure this situation out is to go up to him one day and hand him some money saying that it is for the prom ticket. He'll either take it and go get your tickets, or he'll refuse and say he is paying. Takes all the guess work out of the situation, and makes you look nice if he was going to pay anyway.

  • i think that if you're going to different schools, the the person who is a student at that particular school should pay.

  • the asker should pay for the tix.

    • Why? I don't get that?

    • Because I just wouldn't ask someone to do something and then say oh you can come but you have to pay for yourself. if the 2 people are from the same school it would be ok for them to pay for their own tix but if you're asking someone from another school I think you should pay for them both

  • Im paying for my own ticket this year because prom is still a month away and I never know what might happen. If you haven't been together long that is probably your best bet if you really wanna go. It also wouldn't hurt to ask him what his plans are.

  • Whoever did the asking should offer to pay and follow through if need be. Whether or not they end up paying the whole thing is another issue.

  • The default is always the asker. If you feel comfortable enough, discuss splitting it, but the asker is usually the one.

  • you pay for your own

  • Prom is ridiculously expensive, and I asked the guy to prom, so I have to pay all of it? that's stupid(that's what the majority said) I said you pay for your own ticket

    • Just think about how the guy always pays for your dates.

    • No I know, but what if you asked him? does that mean you have to pay?

    • I agree, each pay for your own ticket