I feel like I annoy him, should I tell him?

Okay so I like this guy and he says he likes me too. We've only known each other for a little less than a month and we kinda act like we're dating but he hasn't asked me out yet. I've mentioned it a couple of times and he didn't really say much so I feel like it annoys him. I really want to get to know him but we only text and most of our conversations are kinda pointless. I usually say random things and he just makes comments about them but doesn't really interject much. Sometimes he doesn't text me but I feel like it bugs him when I text him first. I want to talk to him on the phone but I hate calling people and I don't want to ask him to call me. I don't know what to say to him without feeling needy and annoying. Help?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Well, the best thing you can do for yourself is give this situation an ultamatuim. If he doesn't ask you out after 3 months, give up on him. Guys feelings run hot and cold and this one is no different. He could like you one moment, and not the next. Whatever you do, don't ask him why he won't ask you anymore. There's 3 reasons for that 1) If he does have any feelings, you'll drive him away by constanly asking him and putting pressure on him. 2)He could feel like your being either bossy (forcing him to ask you out) or overly desperate (please ask me out already!) and guys (not to mention girls) hate that. and 3) I read once that a pyschologists remove the word "why" from thier vocabularies because it is seen as critical and makes people feel stressed. So, the only step left is to wait. I know this part is a pain in the ass, but if this guy really likes you, he will step up to the plate seeings how he already knows you like him too.

    Hope that helps!