What are the signs that a guy just wants sex?

Basically, what would he do or not do if he is just trying to get sex from a girl? And are these signs always an indication that it's just sex? Or could they mean other things too?


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  • Leaves ya right after his done f***in ya, only calls you when he wants some booty, never does anything w/ ya in public or w/ his friends. never takes you home to meet moms or dads. never says to ya "where do you think this is going"...those are all reasons for a f*** buddy.


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  • Keep the emphasis on physicality - always wanting more. No concern about what your job is or long term plans since I don't plan on being around.

  • A better question, is what are the signs he doesn't want sex? Except for guys in the most dismal of relationships, they most always want sex whenever they can perform. Early in a relationship, all we want is sex. Once we get to know you our sexual appetite may dissipate as we look for something more emotional.

    Women are nearly our opposite, they want an emotional relationship first and then the sex gets better from that. This is what keep sit all going in my mind.

    • Ok. you didn't even list the signs to my question and I'm NOT asking for the signs that he don't want sex. I'm asking what are the signs that he only wants sex. There's no better question. that was just an opposite question of what I asked. Dah!

    • I said what I said because I didn't see the question. Guys always want sex at first and will do anything to get it. We will lie, embellish, charm, etc... to get in your pants. At first, it is almost always just sex, it rarely ever means other things.

    • I said "Just sex'. yes, guys want that more but some are just interested in a girl for "just sex' and some want sex and more. I'm asking to list the signs of a guy who ONLY wants a girl for sex. that's it. Read what other ppl said. they understand.

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  • When he says that he is going to take you out on a date and all he does is want to touch you or says lets do the nasty thing.

  • First it depends on personality. Guys who visualize you as someone to enjoy sexual pleasures with will spend less interest or no interest at all in your personal life, activities, friends, hobbies, etc. Sometimes 'friendly' guys seem to want more than that while everything is hidden behind their behavior. Most important thing is to stay tricky yourself and not to give up easily on however man tries to gain some 'ass'.