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Small/flat butts in yoga pants: yay or nay?

I know there's the site girlsinyogapants or something similar, but most of the girls have the "perfect" butt: round, shapely and toned. not big, not small, medium, although there are exceptions.

Do you think a small or flat butt looks good in yoga pants?











or is it better to have:





I just want to add: I'm not trying to be biased because I'm neither extreme. If you take this as a loaded question it's honestly not my intention.

small/flat: link


What's considered "more" desirable: link

My Q wasn't just limited to the Q, because I realize most girls with big or small butts don't look like the ones in the pics. In real life a lot of chicks with small butts look just as disgusting as the ones with fat ones. sorry >.<

Most Helpful Opinion

  • These are more ideal, imo. I think any ALMOST any ass can look good in yoga pants. Just gotta find the right fitting one.

    Flat bums? I don't think they look too good in yoga pants.








    • 2nd to last one is the only good one ... the rest are way too f***ing obnoxious.

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    • the second last one looks nice, all the other one looks gross lol

    • Those are some really good photos.

What Guys Said 26

  • Definite yay. Some of the 'small' were fantastic. I probably liked the biggest 'small' and smaller of your 'big' the best

    But that really doesn't matter. You don't pick what ass to put on in the morning, you choose what pants to put on. It doesn't matter if a bigger ass would be better. Do the small ones look pretty good? Yeah. Yoga pants are revealing. For a slim woman unless she's like below runway model thin, yeah, most people want to see her body.

  • lmao @ the site. I wonder if there is one for breasts too. I think it doesn't matter, if your comfortable with your butt big, small or flat butt and not embarrassed one bit, go for it and strutt your stuff.

  • The last was honestly the best one... some others weren't too bad either. Somewhere in-between the "small" and "big" examples would be good too.

  • It's Nay for me. Yoga pants do a good of accentuating a girls butt and if a girl wears them and she is still flat/small it doesn't interest me in the slightest.

  • Not a big fan of the flat butts.

  • in the end, yoga pants are meant to do one thing. make any and every girl's ass look amazing. it does it's job very well, smaller, tighter, bigger, looser, whatever, doesn't matter, yoga pants turn it into the nicest ass ever...untill the next girl in yoga pants goes by

  • is "better to have" all the way! damn, I think I grew an inch when I opened up the first link under the "to have" section

  • Basically, Yoga pants make everyone's ass look great.

    That's why guys love them so much.

  • I simply do not like yoga pants.

  • Every butt is a yoga pant butt :3

    • lol I like your attitude.

  • 1 and 9 are nice. 6 makes me gag.

  • i like the small butts better in yoga pants

  • It depends on the shape the tight yoga pants give them. I typically like a big booty, but some small ones look great in certain yoga pants. It also depends on how much muscle/firmness the butt has. It really varies from pants to pants and butt to butt. Overall, I'd say yay or nay

  • Small and flat butts definetely look good in yoga pants, I love them and I found them attractive :)

  • Yoga pants make all the girls butts in those pictures look amazing...

  • I Love small butts. I find the huge "desirable" butts to be obnoxious. The feel of a small butt in tight jeans or a dress is fantastic. Definite yay.

  • all great eyecandy but I liked...\


  • yoga pants make you look like you have a nice ass regardless.. most of those examples for "small flat ass" are actually pretty nice

  • I was unaware of this website, and therefore this question is awesome :P and those pants can make almost any booty look good

  • It's amazing how many girls take photos of their ass and post it online, lmao. Then again, most of those links are professional ass models. I think the small/flat is just fine.

    • yeah, I know...almost every models butt will look ideal, regardless of size

  • i like the small butts :)

  • Yoga pants are wonderbras for the butt. They make any butt look good. But IMO most of the ones you linked for small/flat are neither small nor flat. Most of them looked like the butts of very attractive, very fit, athletic girls. But then that could be the Yoga pants doing their thing to help shape a girl's butt.

    • I know everyone has a different definition of flat, and I understand most of the site is white(Caucasian idealize flat butts), but I think a majority of people irl just aren't too fond of flat in general and the small ones aren't ideal

  • who cares? just watch out for the camel toes or the nasty panty lines

  • Yoga pants make all ass types look mind blowing... except really fat... like cellulite fat... but even then I'm sure youd just get a lot of black guys

    • well yeah...and the flat ones get white guys

  • Somewhere in the middle. A bubble butt... If it's flat, there's nothing to look at, but I don't like so much junk, that you can see it from the front.

  • It's all good. Both are nice.

What Girls Said 17

  • Flat asses should not be in yoga pants, leggings or anything of the such. I'm sorry, if someone is shaped like that, they should wear a long top to cover it

  • It's a yay for me. They still look great and no I'm not saying that because I have a small butt myself :/

  • Some like small, and some like big. As long as they have an ass.

    • That wasn't the question though

  • I think smaller and flatter. And I guess yay, they're just pants!

    Too big and round it looks like you've stuffed your pants. My bum is kinda like 2... so maybe I lean that way cause I hope my bum is considered attractive... but some of them look so over the top and unnatural.

  • Some of those girls had huge wedgies dang.

    • lmao

  • i think see fat chicks in yoga pants and I'm wondering what the heck were they thinking.. I'd be more pleased with a flat ass. ha

  • I always wear clothes that fit my body. I wouldn't wear yoga pants if I had a flat butt (not that my butt is that great).

  • I think it doesn't matter as long as its not extremely flat or really big

  • are all the first links considered to be women with small butts or big butts? if they're considered small, then I'm screwed.

    I'd rather not wear yoga pants, regardless of how my butt looks, how about that...

    i got booty called the first time I wore them. It will be my last time I wear them, lol.

    • Yeah, I understand. I always make sure to wear a large t-shirt that covers my butt though

      It's unfortunate that something so innocent attracts dumbasses

    • yeah, well the first time I wore them, I didn't wear a long shirt...i thought my small butt would make the pants look unprovocative...i guess I was wrong.

  • naww I think girls with a small but perky and round butt look good but flat butt no it looks weird, I like wearing yoga pants because of my big butt,I feel for me it shows off the the roundness. I don't think size matters for butts its the shape

  • I'd wear them anyway so, yay.

  • Not at all.

  • Yoga pants are a fashion dont

  • Nay its a fashion no unless you're around the house or just came back or going to yoga

  • I say wear what you feel comfortable and who cares what other people think or like..if you have a flat butt or a big butt you rock those yoga pants like it's nobodys business

  • lol @ flat ass

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