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What does it mean when a man winks?

When a man smiles, touches your arm and winks at you what does that mean? He knows you're with someone else but he seems content winking and smiling... Show More

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What Guys Said 8

  • dont be naive. he wants to get to know u.

  • When I do this, I am simply acknowledging a woman's beauty. I do this just to flirt.

  • Your butt. He wants it.

  • I've done the winking a few times before just to flirt.

  • I like to execute the sexy wink at a girl after I just made a terrific sounding compliment or flirt of some sort to add to the fun and humor. If I just wink at girl for no apparent reason (I never do) I am either so horny, that I would have sex with manure, or so drunk my BAC will be over 100.

  • A wink can be a lot of things..when I wink it is just a friendly gesture and/or conveys a private joke...but...some guys evidently use that to test for possible sex...ugh...because of that, I seldom wink anymore...at the least...a female has to process this to try to determine if I am merely being friendly or trying to hit on her...is too bad...I liked winks.../:/:/:

  • he wants to pound vash

    • link vashj?

    • lol now I want to play wow damn it guy I'm trying to quit

    • lol

What Girls Said 1

  • I don't trust men that wink... it creeps me out :S

    • Why so? It's our gentilest way of flirting? Would you prefer we just squeeze your ass?

    • It may be your "gentlest way of flirting", it's off-putting nonetheless.

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