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If your ex says 'Good luck and take care'

...at the end of a short congratulations message, what does it mean? It sounds quite final to me so I'm presuming it means she has no intentions of... Show More

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  • Why did you guys break? When did you guys break up? If it was recent (last 3 months) and if it was a mutual break up it just means she cares but wants not to talk to you for awhile. Seems like you might of hurt her. I told my ex to take care after I asked him to leave me alone for a few months. It didn't mean I never want to hear from him again just means its going to be some time till I want to talk to him again friendly. Give her time and space. Maybe 6 months. She'll be friendly with you then and you'll be able to figure out if you still want her in your life even if its just as a friend.

What Girls Said 8

  • you're done

  • doesn't sound like anything but a polite saying.

    I would not read any more into it than that.

  • It just sounds like she's being genuine.

  • To me that is what it means. So leave her alone, you guys broke up for a reason regardless of the matter.

  • the only time I've ever said tae care, I was trying to be polite.

    I basically mean it as don't talk to me again or whatever.

  • That's exactly what I sent to my ex. He asked for the break up and I was heartbroken. I said good luck & take care, he just replied "ok" and I never heard from him since then.

    Why do you guys want to stay as friends after breaking up?

  • if you're ex says "good luck & take care" she/he means that it's offically over and they don't want anything to do with you anymore,...eventhough when I said it to the guy I loved deep down I wanted him to beg me not to go but it didn't happen we bothe went our seperate ways

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  • Yes, you presume her actions correctly. She simply decided to end contact with you tre101. It seems she has decided that there was nothing you and her could level in the same bridge. Not replying suggested to her that you accepted her formal prepositional statement.

  • Depends on whether you broke up amicably or not.

  • A nice way of saying f*** you basically.

  • I just said the same thing to an ex. I have no intention of ever contacting her again.

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