If your ex says 'Good luck and take care'

...at the end of a short congratulations message, what does it mean?

It sounds quite final to me so I'm presuming it means she has no intentions of getting in touch with me as a friend. :(

Also, I didn't reply to her message...


Most Helpful Girl

  • Why did you guys break? When did you guys break up? If it was recent (last 3 months) and if it was a mutual break up it just means she cares but wants not to talk to you for awhile. Seems like you might of hurt her. I told my ex to take care after I asked him to leave me alone for a few months. It didn't mean I never want to hear from him again just means its going to be some time till I want to talk to him again friendly. Give her time and space. Maybe 6 months. She'll be friendly with you then and you'll be able to figure out if you still want her in your life even if its just as a friend.