Why do some girls post pictures of themselves half naked, in lingerie, or in small panties on the internet?

Quite a lot on Facebook. I mean if it's at the beach or rave, that's understandable. But like at home or a public place? Come on... I mean they are not even models or anything. Coming from a guy, I don't think I would be comfortable with posting pics like these if I were a girl. I think very once in a while is fine, but girls seem to be posting pics like these more and more often now.


Most Helpful Girl

  • They're hoes looking for attention. Some women think any and all attention is good attention. They live for the approving comments they get like "damn you're sexy" and stuff like that. They would feel insecure if people didn't give them that kind of attention.

    I like attention too, but not to the point where I'd take half nude/panty pics and put them on my Facebook. I prefer to leave something to the imagination and not put myself up like that for everybody and they mama to see. Girls who do that are usually very insecure and desperate for approval. You can look good and still not have to go that far. Its not like you're sending it to your man, you're putting it up for everyone to see. Have some class?