Why do some girls post pictures of themselves half naked, in lingerie, or in small panties on the internet?

Quite a lot on Facebook. I mean if it's at the beach or rave, that's understandable. But like at home or a public place? Come on... I mean they are not even models or anything. Coming from a guy, I don't think I would be comfortable with posting pics like these if I were a girl. I think very once in a while is fine, but girls seem to be posting pics like these more and more often now.


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  • They're hoes looking for attention. Some women think any and all attention is good attention. They live for the approving comments they get like "damn you're sexy" and stuff like that. They would feel insecure if people didn't give them that kind of attention.

    I like attention too, but not to the point where I'd take half nude/panty pics and put them on my Facebook. I prefer to leave something to the imagination and not put myself up like that for everybody and they mama to see. Girls who do that are usually very insecure and desperate for approval. You can look good and still not have to go that far. Its not like you're sending it to your man, you're putting it up for everyone to see. Have some class?


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  • they want to attract a shallow guy maybe?

    I would not do that because I am not an idiot, I don't want to give out the chance someone is going to copy or download any pics of me like that.

  • Because guys re-enforce that it's cute/sexy/hot and give those girls attention

    • only stupid boys do that, which unfortunately is a lot of them

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    • Not really

      But it's nice to know you're playing the unique snowflake role

    • Nope. I'm afraid you're mistaken.

  • This is coming from a guy... burn.


  • ATTENTION! Girls love compliments, attention, and some even like to be hit on by creeps! A girl who is TRULY confident and respects herself would NOT do that.

    Pretty plan and simple answer.

  • Theyre sending a message.

  • same reason why guys take shirtless pics of themselves posting it all over online with their shorts pulled lower than what they should be

  • It's just a trend, it's good that you see it as it is , attention whoring.

  • It's all about competition , They love it when people comment on their picture . I don't have to do all of that , I know I look good . My regular pictures looks way better than them half naked pictures they put on face book. I use to model so I know if a picture looks good , Plus face book is so played out to me.

  • Yeah, all women feel that they must be a super model.

  • I think you know the answer to that question. Girls seeking attention.

    • I never thought attention means that much to girls lol

    • It means everything to girls. Even the ones who say they don't like attention cause I'm one of them. I love attention, but sometimes it gets really overwhelming which makes me not like it very much.

  • Attention. Simple.


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  • Because they receive a tremendous amount of positive reinforcement for doing so.

  • The answer is simple. It's to get men to fall for them online. So many guys will see a picture of a semi nake girl and get turned on very easily, they will want to show that girl attention and she will get the attention she so desperately wants. What these girls don't realize is that they are messing with guys feelings if they end up flirting with them but have no intention of wanting to know them properly.

  • Well for one, most of the girls that you see on Facebook that are half naked, in lingerie, or in small panties are from Facebook pages that you liked or someone on your friendslist has liked a picture from that page so it pops up in your newsfeed. Most of them do not even know that their pictures of them are out or leaked to the public. So basically it is not them that are posting it up. People think it's really the girls themselves that are actually posting their own picture and so the guys literally try and talk to them through the comments, they're so dumb seriously.

    A lot of pages save/download pictures that are already leaked out on the web (forums, google images, and so forth) and post them up without the women's permission. For example, these two people were in a relationship together and they were sending pictures to each other (sexy or naughty ones) and once the relationship ended they posted up their ex pictures all over the web. Yeah, that's how sh*t gets all started. Some of them could be models, some of them actually want their picture taken like that so they can show it to the world (they find excitement in that, being seen by random people from all over the world), some of them just wants to be sluts and hoes (it's true), and others.

    Well the girls that you do know who post pictures like that they're either 1) insecure about their body so they show more skin to get more likes and compliments so they can feel that everybody loves them 2) proud of their body so they show it off. Their body, something they can actually control. It makes them feel wanted and desired even if it's not the way they wanted to be desired. It draws the wrong kind of attention but some of them don't care, as long as they feel desired is all that matters to them. They want attention, they seek attention, they crave and yearn for it, attention is what drives them.

    Attention whores.

    • Hah, I never thought of the stuffs you said in the first two paragraphs, at least not in this question. Only the third paragraph applies to this question. But great stuff!

    • Haha well now you know. And thanks!

  • daddy issues, insecurities..

  • To get attention.

  • It's a vicarious thrill, lurid behavior done in the safety envelope that is the internet. It's a way of seeking approval of their body, and there self image of it. It's harmless, and can be quite nice to see, to be truthful.

  • to make themselves look attractive. so what if they are not models ? you can play football even if you are not a football player. many guys also like to be topless and show off their six packs on Facebook although they are not bodybuilders.

  • It comes down to insecurities. They want that reinforcement they get from guys telling them they look hot. Once they grow up, they might realize that it's more appealing for men when everything is left to the imagination. Once you see it slapped on FB or where-ever, the mystery & fantasies are gone. I would prefer to see them in a tight dress or jeans rather then half naked. It's just classier & I kno a lot of guys think the same.

    • Yeah I think the same, and some mysteriousness to it too lol