How to make a separation work?

the husband and I are having issues again. We also have nothing in common anymore and he doesn't seem to want to try. He hasn't offered to take me on date night, and the only time we ever did go on date night, *i* was the one who planned it all. I'm exhausted I have to plan play dates with the kids, clean up the house, take care of them, make dinner, make my husband's lunch to take to work, and much more, when it comes down to planning a romantic night out, I'm so tired my brain is MUSH. ANYWAY, uh our love making has gotten horribly boring, we ran out of kinky things to do and say and frankly, I can go without it. Yesterday we got into a huge fight our first serious one in months, and he wouldn't work things out he was more like "here we go again F YOU Go to your room" and he took things the completely wrong way! We were fighting because we never talk he usually just plops in front of the tv and if I'M LUCKY we can have a conversation about the tv show (after the kids go to bed). So he slept on the couch and today he was going to find a place to stay and we're doing a separation. I want so badly for our marriage to work and us to be happy again, I think this is our last straw.

So what can I do to make this separation work and not be so PAINFUL?

What am I doing wrong as a wife?

Doesn't it sound like he's unhappy?