Guys: Would you marry a doctor?

I am asking because many guys I know said that they definitely won't marry a doctor. Even those guys who study in the medical school with me say that they won't be in a relationship with a doctor.

But why? What makes us a turn off?! I can't understand this, we are just like other girls but maybe more serious when it comes to work and hardworking so what's wrong with this?!

On the other hand, one of my friends she is already a doctor but she says that the guy she's with now, seems that he just accepted her to use her money!

Ugh I feel my future with the relationships will be horrible! :(


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  • Why wouldn't they?

    I can understand that they're probably thinking of the females doctors examination other men and stuff like that, but then again, it's still a very high end job to have.

    A man who has serious (and I mean SERIOUS) feelings towards you, genuine feelings, he would probably admire your job since it takes a lot of effort and time to become a doctor.

    Trust me, I'm not becoming a doctor, but I'm becoming a programmer as well with merits in networking and economics. It might not be the most "attractive" job to girls out there, but at least I have the confidence and the thought that someone out there might appreciate for who I am and what profession I will have in the future.

    Believe in yourself in what you do, and you will find someone eventually :)

    • No, programming is a nice job I have thought of it before joining the medical school too. :D

      I know it's not an easy work too.. and it needs too much efforts and creativity.. t's appreciated. :)

      Thanks, Maxen92. :)

    • No problem :)

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  • I'm married to a teacher but if she'd been a doctor I'd have married her too.

    • Because you love her no matter what her work? :)

    • Indeed.

  • STOP Doc! It will be fine. You may have to wait a bit until you have time, but it is no big deal. I like brainy women. And what boy doesn't want a girl that likes to play "doctor?"

    So focus on your business for now, and everything else will come!

    • Lol I'm not a doctor yet, I'm still studying, I'm a future doctor.

      Thanks you. The thing is I know my luck is very bad, and what happened to my friend scares me.

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    • Aye... Something like that. But since you are anonymous, I can't really friend you.

    • Okay here you go. :)

  • Marrying a doctor is something I've always wanted :-)

    • Why?! :)

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    • you've actually made me think on something I've not really bothered thiking about all these years ha ha.

      1. I find the whole idea of having a dr for a wife very sensual

      2. I'd adore to see her working (& when I do I'd probably not be able to keep my hands off her lol)

      3. I'd love to help her out whereever I could

      4. I'd always be proud of her for the noble profession she's in

      5. If not on everything then she'd be knowledgeable in her field, I'd love to listen to her

      short of characters here :-D

    • Aww these are nice bunch of reasons. lol :D

  • Definitely.

  • Are you kidding me? Ambition is a serious trait. Not to mention the comfortable life of a better cash flow and the possibility of some really hot role-playing. The only thing I could see as bothersome would be the hours. But a lot of people work long hours.

    • Maybe they don't want their women to work in a place with too much men around them, or to work for a long time outside the house. It's what I concluded from the answers here. :s

    • Aah haha. See it as a way to filter out not needed jealousy then :-). Other women have to sort through the riff-raff and you don't. The second thing you mentioned is what I was thinking of. But that just feels like a lot of people here don't work very long hours. If you'd find someone that work a long time outside the house, about the same as you do, they couldn't possibly be bothered by it :-)

  • i dated a doctor. nice, caring and smart chick.

    i like chicks who are into helping people and that stuff, since I really don't care about strangers, it's nice to have someone who does.

    • Yeah that's why I chose this major, doctors are like angels. :)

  • I think it's because doctors end up working late night shifts and imo, it's hard to not think they'll cheat.

    • No, I wouldn't study a specialty which has emergency cases. I will choose something like dermatology maybe.. so no night shifts.

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    • It's hard to trust anyone these days. But I mean, a lot of doctors are known to cheat (statistically). Maybe you might be faithful, but a lot of people who do work late nights, end up getting close to a colleague and one thing leads to another and by the time they know it, they're already fooling around.

    • Hmm yeah cheaters are everywhere it doesn't matter what's their work. Thanks for telling me that, I will be more careful. ^^

  • While doctor is not the hottest profession she could have, but it's a lot better than most. I'm not intimidated by a girl who makes more money than me so that wouldn't bother me that much. And becoming a successful doctor is something to be admired.

    So short answer: yes, no reason why I wouldn't.

    • Thanks. :)

      So the guy doesn't like the idea of his girl getting more money than him?

      And not all doctors get too much money sometimes teachers can get more than them.

      It depends on the region and other factors.

    • That's true, not all doctors go on to be rich, but as far as general occupations are considered, you can do a lot worse.

      I do know that lots of guys aren't comfortable with the idea of their girl making more money than them. It's got to the point where most can accept women working in positions of power, and making more money than them, it just hits home a little more when it's the girl he's seeing. That and the idea that he can feel like a trophy husband.

      But not all are like that, I'm not.

  • I don't care what she does just as long as she is moving in a forward direction in life. I think the long work hours has it's pros and cons. pro would be you don't see each other so much that you're sick of each other and a con would be that a lot of doctors are on call so they kind of have to be available 24/7 and that would make me mad if I wanted to plan a surprise weekend getaway with her or something.

    • Lol and that's why I don't want to join emergency fields. Just one day shift. :)

      I think by this the problem solved, right?!

    • pretty much but you're going to be bored out of your mind if you only work one day a week

    • It was a typo, I meant I will just work on day shifts not at night. ^^

  • Yeah I would marry a doctor

  • I honestly wouldnt, because of the amount of time you would be at work, the blood stains on your scrubs, and the fact that if anything is wrong wtih me health wise you will point it out., which is pretty morbid. Just my thoughts though, the Roleplay would be AWESOME lol

    • Hahah I haven't finished medical school yet so I can't imagine it, but I think yes I would take care of his health what's wrong with this?! lol

    • It's Scary! If I marry you I want to be your Super-man, I just don't want to worry about the Kryponite! So to speak lol

  • I would love to marry a doctor, unless she's specialized in penis amputing or something

    • Impossible I prefer to die rather than being specialized in this field lol.

  • ... Are you serious? You're from an Asian country aren't you? Yes, we will want to be with you because we won't have to work. You can basically get any guy.

    JK, don't let your profession define who you are.

    • Not really but yeah it's an Asian country.

      Ugh yes and this's what I'm afraid of, marrying me just because of money. :(

  • Definitely

    But she'd always be at work. So, I'd never see her.

  • I have a crush on a girl that is going to medical school and she is voluteering at a clinic I meet her at. She originally feel for me. I ended up hainv problems because she is at work and it looks bad. Thinking about it she could be seeing someone else. How would I ever know if she was a doctor and some guy likes her at work? She is very hot. Relationships not always perfect. I'm thinking of her know and because of a miss understanding she's giving me the cold shoulder. I really had liked her. I don't know what to do. Is it someone else? I really don't want those type of feelings when she is away... And now the cold shoulder... I think it would be to tempting for a female doctor to have a hot man in her office when things are not well at home...

  • meh I don't know. Maybe.

    • I am surprised that your female friend got used for money. Women are usually hypergamous, so that doesn't happen that often. Most guys realize that by the way and don't bother if they aren't making as much money as you are.

    • I don't know what kind of guys he is. But I know that guys in my family have been taught that they shouldn't ever take money from girls. :s

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  • Why. did you ask them why?

    any guy who won't marry a doctor is not worth being with. I don't understand our concern.

    • I didn't ask them.. actually they said it by themselves that they don't want to be with doctors, and I couldn't understand why. Maybe their reasons are like what the guys above answered. :s

      Are you a medical student too?!

  • ive lived with a doctor before, the problem is their work is really more of a calling not just a marry a doctor you have to accept that they'll be working A LOT, they can't just take a holiday like everyone else and that in some respects your relationship is going to come second.

    as much as I respect and admire doctors...i wouldn't want to marry one.

    • Yeah I understand, but you have to bear in mind that not all specialties need to be in the hospitals 24 hours.