Guys: Would you marry a doctor?

I am asking because many guys I know said that they definitely won't marry a doctor. Even those guys who study in the medical school with me say that they won't be in a relationship with a doctor. But why? What makes us a turn off?! I can't understand this, we are just like other girls but maybe... Show More

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  • Why wouldn't they?

    I can understand that they're probably thinking of the females doctors examination other men and stuff like that, but then again, it's still a very high end job to have.

    A man who has serious (and I mean SERIOUS) feelings towards you, genuine feelings, he would probably admire your job since it takes a lot of effort and time to become a doctor.

    Trust me, I'm not becoming a doctor, but I'm becoming a programmer as well with merits in networking and economics. It might not be the most "attractive" job to girls out there, but at least I have the confidence and the thought that someone out there might appreciate for who I am and what profession I will have in the future.

    Believe in yourself in what you do, and you will find someone eventually :)

    • No, programming is a nice job I have thought of it before joining the medical school too. :D

      I know it's not an easy work too.. and it needs too much efforts and creativity.. t's appreciated. :)

      Thanks, Maxen92. :)

    • No problem :)