Why do people thinks it's so terrible to want a boyfriend with a good job?

and hence making a good amount of money?

Of course it's wrong if you care about his money only, but I generally I see nothing wrong with it being part of what you want in a partner.

I'm working hard on getting a good degree and a good job later on and I think it's equally important that my boyfriend does the same. I know I want a family at some point and let's face it in most families the man is still the main breadwinner. And that's for a reason. Women just miss out a whole lot of career opportunities when having children. In the U.S. empolyers don't have to pay anything during maternity leave. During that time you just depend on your husband making enough money. What's wrong with that?

I hear so many guys complaining about women not dating unemployed men. Well ya because if he is without work for a long period of time, I can't have the life I hope to have with him.

Money is not the only thing you should care about but I think it should part of it


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  • I don't think it's unreasonable of a request. I mean, with a good paying job (especially if two parties are involved) you can introduce quality events into the relationship like trips to hawaii and hunny-moons etc.

    The part I would like to add is that there are many fields that people don't explore. You can't just assume that someone unemployed doesn't already have a million dollars and is living off the interest / dividends.. Consider active vs passive income.. Active being work, passive being sales.. etc.. There are ways to make money without working, but a smart man would understand that you can combine the two for some real profits.

    The one problem that's pretty obvious - is most "rich men" that I've met, have a hard time bonding to their own families (kids / wife / etc).. At least in my area, and I assume it's because the type of work they do is highly demanding. Usually leaving bad relationships within the family. Again, not all "rich men" will behave that way or will see that type of result down the road. But speaking about the majority within my area, it is true. Take a peek for yourself! Try to interview a few families, specifically kids and see how they feel about their folks, then relate that to income level. Is there a pattern?

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      Well I don't even mean rich , I mean decent. Like I don't know around 50 k a year. Altough I wouldn't really put a number on it. Just to be clear I do not expect him to have 6 figure salary just enough to support a family.

      My dad made about that much and we had a great relationship. True he was usually busy during the week but we always did stuff on the weekends.

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      Absolutely. But another thing to keep in mind is how many people want that, but that don't have the heart to fight for it. And I'm referring to the people like myself, who went to school for 4 years, to pull out before even seeing a diploma. School wasn't for me, but that doesn't mean that I will stop before having a successful financial future.