I made a sex video with an ex boyfriend who has now shown them at multiple parties is there anything I can do?

I made a sex video with an ex boyfriend, when we broke up he threatened to release them, but we came to a civil agreement and I watched him delete the video. He actually saved the video in his email, and is now showing it at parties. Is there anything I can do about it at all? Just to get him to stop showing it to people?

I realize it was a stupid idea and I never should have trusted him, but we all make mistakes. And I'm just trying to handle the consequences the best I can.


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  • I don't think that's legal. He can't show your private stuff to others without your consent. Personally, I would talk to him first to stop this sh*t, but if he doesn't, go to the police or get a lawyer. You have rights.

    Or, do you know his parents? I wonder what his dad would think of his behavior...

    Your mistake was to trust him, but that doesn't grant him the right to publicly humiliate you.

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      I've tried to be civil with him, and come to an agreement but he refuses, and states he'll show whoever the f*** he wants. I've also spoken to the police and they told me to seek legal advice, and they would speak to him also.

      I will speak to his parents. I know what I did with him, making a video was bad, but if I were his parents I would be ashamed of how he is handling things. I was raised to never kiss and tell, so I hope his parents can influence him to do the right thing.

      Thank you.