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Career advice is needed...

ok so I've been out of college since August 2010 and here it is almost December 2012. 2+ years later and I still don't have a career. I do have a job... Show More

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  • I'm in the same boat. I graduated 2012, now its 2014 and I have no job. not even a mall job. I'm so over customer service jobs and honestly i feel i have done my years at shitty jobs and need to move on to an internship or career. I don't even care about making a ton of $, I just can't respect myself for having a kids job when i worked so hard to go through all that school. Plus I'm attracted to guys who have smart interesting careers and don't think they won't have the same attraction to me unless I follow my dreams as well. Personally I say fuck that job your at currently. However you would be taking advice from a low income, single, girl who still has yet to find a career, went back to community college ( b/c in CA community college is free is you have a BA or BS), and did I mention no $ or career... ( I'll say 'no career yet' but its rough out here).

  • work at the mall.

  • maybe volunteer or network

    good luck

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  • Wait you graduated college in 2010, and only have a sh*tty job, and not a career? Welcome to America don't feel bad, the majority of us are in the same situation as you, and when Obamacare goes though, hahaha, we're all going to be screwed, companies are already finding loopholes such as only hiring part time ppl, so they don't have to provide insurance.

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