Said a girl I like was pretty on Facebook in a message, now what?

She said thank you :)

But then I realize what should I replay now? I am interested in her


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  • Find some common ground and talk about it. How classes are going, plans for the upcoming holidays, etc. Just make some casual conversation and gauge how she responds.


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  • Have a conversation with her.

    See if you two have any thing in common then ask to hang out with her.

  • week.. you should ask her out.. If you know her and she's not a friend of a friend call her.. When guys I don't really know try to flirt with me on FB I don't really care.. But I'm always nice and say thank you.. But FB isn't a dating Site and that stuff makes me super uncomfortable

  • yeah, as someone mentioned on here, talk about the upcoming holidays... that's a good start.

  • Er? Would you like to go out for a meal or cinema Friday night. Easy

  • Continue chatting with her then drop some hints along the way, I am sure she will know. Good Luck!

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