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Said a girl I like was pretty on Facebook in a message, now what?

She said thank you :)

But then I realize what should I replay now? I am interested in her

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  • Find some common ground and talk about it. How classes are going, plans for the upcoming holidays, etc. Just make some casual conversation and gauge how she responds.

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  • Have a conversation with her.

    See if you two have any thing in common then ask to hang out with her.

  • week.. you should ask her out.. If you know her and she's not a friend of a friend call her.. When guys I don't really know try to flirt with me on FB I don't really care.. But I'm always nice and say thank you.. But FB isn't a dating Site and that stuff makes me super uncomfortable

  • Continue chatting with her then drop some hints along the way, I am sure she will know. Good Luck!

  • Er? Would you like to go out for a meal or cinema Friday night. Easy

  • yeah, as someone mentioned on here, talk about the upcoming holidays... that's a good start.

  • Asking her out now is too straight forward and makes you seem like a total creeper. Just get to know her. Let her talk about herself and find out what she likes. From all that info you'll know where to ask her out to.

  • Say you're welcome. Then find common ground to talk about. If she's talking, listen and if she asks for your opinion, be honest (if it's a negative responce, say it in the most gentle way possible). If she's interested too, she won't be nervous to continue talking to you. Best of luck!

  • Ask her out!

  • Just start a conversation with her so you don't seem just like some guy calling her pretty. And next time, you should either say she's pretty on her fb picture so you don't have to say anything afterward, or when you see her in person, try to notice something different about her or if she looks especially good that day. Then be like, "Did you do something different with your hair? It looks good." and things like that to show her you notice those things, even if you really don't. Don't say things like, "You look really pretty TODAY" though. Some girls might not think about it badly, but I do and I know other girls that do too because it sounds like you're saying she looks good that day, but every other days she looks average.

  • Okay, so try to find out what she likes to do for fun, hang out at the mall or what.

  • be like, soooooooooooo what's goooooooooood maaaa'? I really love your peaches, wanna shake your tree ;)

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