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Do you kiss people you don't know or know but don't have feelings for when you are drunk?

how many of you were drunk and kissed someone you knew before but have absolutely no feelings for or someone who you just met?also why? just because... Show More

and did your feelings for this person change afterwards?

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  • DEFINITELY. I kept pretty busy back in college, haha. I had three girls just randomly walk up to me and we just started making out with no words exchanged. probably my top 3 ego-inflating moments, hahaha. I had a few more kiss me while dancing. most of the rest were just at parties and it was part of the trying to get laid process. usually some dumb small talk and you've forgotten each others' names by the time you get to kissing. "hey, let's both pretend this isn't just based on physical attraction even though we don't know each other from a can of paint." but I never saw most of those girls again. just a little excitement for both of us, and then go about our business afterward. I never kissed anyone "just because", personally. I have a pretty high physical standard, so I definitely always "wanted to." but it wasn't usually with any long-sighted intentions either. it was always a play it by ear deal.

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  • Never! Almost never, when I'm in clubs/parties, People make out, Like french kiss, Sometimes you don't even know why, Most of the time, I used to think it was people who were a couple but nope!

    I've been drunk in a club multiple of times but never drunk to the point where I was making out with a girl I barely know. It will never happen.

  • When I'm drunk I never kiss people I don't know, but I often don't know people I kiss.

  • when you are drunk,you are not yourself...and it results in loss of inhibitions...so yea it is quite possible to kiss someone you don't have feelings for.

    heck people even sleep with someone they don't know or someone they don't have a feelings when drunk

  • wel I've had girls kiss me when there drunk, and yeh changed my opinion of them, I always stupidly think that they like me after kissing me right until the next day when you get a text APOLOGISING for the kiss. that's when you know your in the friend zone lol

    • An apology doesn't mean she doesn't like you. A physical attack warrants an apology.

  • I've never initiated it before, never felt like doing it either, but one time this girl tried to make out with me (who was obviously drunk), I wasn't particularly interested so I withdrew myself from her.

  • Do you?

    • haha no I am picky I just kiss female friends when I am drunk lol


    • I'd like to but I know girls wouldn't appreciate that, so I gotta do what's in their best interest.

  • Nope. Not my thing.

  • Yup..though some girls kissed me like that in clubs sober too LOL. But ya, once you're drunk, you don't really care about anything in the world. So you end up doing stupid things like that. But in general, I try very hard to not make a fool out of myself. In the 3 years that I've occasionally started drinking alcohol, I've not yet passed out/vomited. I've always limited myself. So I personally haven't made ridiculous moves, but I feel like I would if I were in the right situation.

  • Simply put, yes. I've kissed girls I was attracted to that I really don't know that well. I'm a sensual guy as well as a horny drunk, and I like to kiss girls! :)

  • "Do you kiss people you don't know or know but don't have feelings for when you are drunk?" Nope.

  • Yes, and all three of the above reasons :-)

  • Onceor twice but I only did it because I was black out drunk. No I did not get feelings for the girl nor did I personally recall doing it

  • my girlfriend kisses her friends on the cheek mainly when she is drunk and random people at parties and bars only girls if it wasn't for me she'd probably make out with dudes kinda annoying and I do get jealous when she kisses her friends especially in front of me.

    • its makes me think my girlfriend is more trashy my feelings have not changed I still love her even though she is kinda crazy when she parties.

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  • I've only ever kissed one person while drunk, and he was my friend. I did have feelings for him, though. I got pretty thrashed at a college party earlier this semester and he was there and I kissed him. I did not remember it at all the next day, but he drove me home that night and back the next day to get my car. During the drive he told me that I kissed him and I was so shocked. I kept apologizing and apologizing and he kept telling me that it didn't count because I was drunk. I was MORTIFIED. So I'll never get drunk around a guy I like ever again.

  • All the time, in the past obviously when I was single. Its how things are done here. Its how I met my now fiance and how 90% of every relationship I know was started

  • Yeah, it happened to me a couple of weeks ago! It was a person I knew for months beforehand and I had absolutely no feelings towards him. I don't know why we kissed, but I guess it was that we were outside, alone, and I thought he's kinda cute and it just happened. I definitely wasn't looking to make out with anyone drunk! And yeah, my feelings did change afterward because I'm totally into him now.

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