Do you kiss people you don't know or know but don't have feelings for when you are drunk?

how many of you were drunk and kissed someone you knew before but have absolutely no feelings for or someone who you just met?also why? just because you were horny or drunk or haven't had someone in a long time?

just curious :D

and did your feelings for this person change afterwards?


Most Helpful Guy

  • DEFINITELY. I kept pretty busy back in college, haha. I had three girls just randomly walk up to me and we just started making out with no words exchanged. probably my top 3 ego-inflating moments, hahaha. I had a few more kiss me while dancing. most of the rest were just at parties and it was part of the trying to get laid process. usually some dumb small talk and you've forgotten each others' names by the time you get to kissing. "hey, let's both pretend this isn't just based on physical attraction even though we don't know each other from a can of paint." but I never saw most of those girls again. just a little excitement for both of us, and then go about our business afterward. I never kissed anyone "just because", personally. I have a pretty high physical standard, so I definitely always "wanted to." but it wasn't usually with any long-sighted intentions either. it was always a play it by ear deal.