Do you work for a female boss and is it a good situation?

I have two supervisors over me, both female. One is the director, the other the manager. Both always seem to be on the same page, directions and goals are communicated and clear. I have never felt such a team atmosphere, even when I was a supervisor. My experience has been great, and I have never felt like I contributed more. Just wanted to give kudos to two amazing people.


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  • Good leaders come in all genders. Sounds like you found a couple. Congrats!


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  • I had a female boss for a steady job once, as well as volunteer work. The one I worked for she was really cool and nice I think it's really if a older woman is your boss and they're all annoying, mean, and spastic. I always had the old ladies for volunteer work and I wasn't the only person to complain or dislike.

  • i had a female boss and she was so nasty to me I quit within the week. some people are power hungry.

    • sorry to hear that. She was probably just a nasty person regardless of gender

  • ditto. I had two female supervisors in my last work, same situation, best office environment I've worked in.

  • I have a female boss and I hate her.

  • Awesome! Good working environment!


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  • it can depend , sometimes you can get a good boss and othertimes not so much . there isn't really any way of knowing until you've worked there for a little bit , but watch out for red flags or warning signs its headed sour

  • I've had similar experience. Currently my boss is male (and he's great) but I've had several female bosses in the past. My worst experiences with bosses have been with males. My best was also with a male. All but one of the female bosses I've had have been great.

    I will say this, though...when I had female bosses I felt like some of them were harder on their female reports than on their male reports, and not in a good way.

    • LoL you're right, even in schools & universities,

      usually some female teachers/professors

      are harsh with female students no matter how their work is perfect,

      while they go easy with males. xD

    • The flip side exists as werll. Both of my sons were victims of misandrous female teachers.

  • I've had a couple, and they weren't the worst; they took runner up.

  • Yeah, I have the same situation, and my female supervisors and co-workers are great to be around, except for the young ones. I have no problems with the ladies I work with.

  • I have a female boss and it's a very good situation for me. She has her own circle of friends within our work environment of which I am included so she is a bit more leniant towards us and we can get away with more things and we get some benefits. She even invites us over to her house for dinner, movies and drinks. However, she will be strict with us if we step out of line.

  • All the places I've worked I've been under female management. The others have been about average I would say, but also that could depend on what type of work environment you're in. One supervisor was lesbian and showed clear favorites with all the younger girls who worked there at the time(main reason I do not work there anymore). I can't really compare them with a male manager/supervisor since I've never worked under one to be honest.

  • I've only had 2 female bosses in my life - they were twats: obnoxious and irritating, but they weren't the worst bosses I ever had... that dubious honor belongs to this asswipe suburbanite from North Dakota, who came to my city and the place that I worked at for 7 years before he showed up to try and boss me around... what a f***ing creep!

  • Oh, but wait...I thought there were very few women in management positions. Or at least that's what "they" say. LOL.