Is it normal to kiss guys when you are out dancing?

I was at a club, I had a slight bit too much to drink I think. Well I danced and with this I mean grinding with quite a few guys.. I also danced with 2 guys at the same time.. Is this okay? No one really knows me there, cause I was on vacation, I also kissed three guys.. normally I choose a guy I think is cute when I go out and kiss him. Is it normal to kiss a different guy each time you go out or is it just me? By the way it is absolutely nothing more than kissing or grinding.. I don't go in the bathroom or anything with them


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  • Heck yeah its normal. You were just having fun. Next time you might want to be less liberal in the kissing thing (Since I'm usually kissing one girl in the club), but it's honestly fine. You go girlie :)

    Kiss me if we meet at a club ahahaha. I promise to be worth your while.

    • thankss ha ha for the answer, now I feel normall :)

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  • Girl...I have very bad news for ya. I've called the doctor and he told me he's never seen something like that. He's said that you might never recover from this. He told me you have...Something called...oh my god why are the nicest people the first to have to get such a terrible news.

    Girl you are diagnosed with the NORMAL PARTY GIRL SYNDROME!


  • It is normal. But it is hard to take a girl seriously after seeing her make out with a random dude while piss drunk.

  • It may be "normal" to do but...I wouldn't call it safe or wise...even remotely. Also, the way you act is who you are regardless of location and by the way you describe it I wouldn't call it decent. Guys would see more like a girl to fool around with than take you seriously. Then again not all guys are like that. Ultimately do what you think is in your best interest and I suppose what makes you happy.

  • Yeah it's nice to go to places where no on knows the girls because they will do anything you want pretty much, if you go to a local bar there's a chance that people she knows might see her there

  • I'm afraid its way to normal.

  • its nice seeing girls only go for guys based on looks . I guess I'm never gong to have a girlfriend becuase of my ugly face

  • Normal? I guess so nowadays.


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  • Well it makes you look really slutty just be glad no one there who new you personally. I'm not calling you a slut though I'm sure your not, but just don't do that where you live or wher people kno u

  • I do that too when I'm somewhere where I don't know anyone. I think it's normal. :)

  • kinda normal for a single person of today's era