Your parents divorce and your mom makes you believe the dad wanting nothing to do with you

You go through life being told by your mom your dad never calls, never writes, and abandoned you causing you to have a deep seeded anger and hatred towards your father. Your dad dies, you hear about it, and you can't help but not feel sad. Then one day, when going through his stuff you find baby pictures of you, pictures taken throughout your life that are obviously taken in secret, and returned letters throughout the years mailed and addressed to you. How would you feel towards your mom? Would you hate her? Could you ever forgive her? Saw this situation in one of those "pass this" type posts and it was heartbreaking.

No she's not doing this to protect you, she's doing this purely out of spite of the father


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  • I wouldn't resent my mom because I know she was just trying to protect me. You think your dad is great and wait and wait for him but he never comes. He is too busy trying to hit on other girls or start a new family. I am only saying this because my classmate is 21 and he has a 4 years old daughter. I saw a letter his ex girlfriend wrote about how she wants him to be responsible and she is limited his contact with her daughter. She doesn't want her daughter to wait for dad to come at 8 am and only not to show up or come at 4 pm. :(

    My aunt also did this to her daughter. She kept mails from her daughter boyfriend from another country in hope that her daughter would be able to move on and have a family in the new country. It works. Her daughter ended up with a great husband and 3 beautiful kids. In some way it is really sad because her daughter was really in love with the last boyfriend but if she waited and waited and he never came (after say 35), then it kind of hard for her to move on and start over at that point.

    It is hard to judge because partly the parent is trying to protect their kids from disappointment because they (mother) have been through it.

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      I also wanted to note that my cousin has a kid with a lady but said to her that he was unable to have kids. She was made and didn't have in contact with his daughter at all. He only gets pictures. He still send her tutition money. In some way, I really can't blame the mom because he is getting close to 59 and hasn't stop dating one girl to the next. Thought he cares for the kid, in way, he wants to start a new family or meet more girls.