Do you have someone who believes in you?

I just finished watching "Coyote ugly". I know it's not a new movie, but I haven't got to see it before.

To those who haven't seen the movie's about a girl who is very talented in writing songs but is afraid to fail. It's the fear that's holding her back from pursuing what she wants. Her boyfriend believed in her and pushed her forward until she made it.

This made me think about the power of belief. When you have someone who believes in you by your side, you can get through so many things. Ofcourse you can succeed all by yourself.

Do you have someone who believes in you? Did they help you get through something you couldn't have been able to work it out all by yourself?

Please do share your story. :)


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  • Family should support all its members. My parents have supported me in all my moments of weakness when I did not have faith in myrself. When I was 20 I wanted to learn to fly gliding. I went to the airport, I signed up. One pilot put me in Piper. He fly like a maniac, with a loop, sudden plunge, and flying close to the ground. My stomach is turning over, I threw up all by myself. I felt incredibly bad. Ten days ago I could not go to the airport. When I finally went to the airport everything was repeated. After that I started to doubt myself. A month has passed. My father told me: "You can do it, if you really want it, you'll go again.

    When I arrived at the airport the pilot laughed: "You really want to fly. Do not get mad at me, flying is not for everyone. You'll have a lot to learn. You must first to parachute jump, After that you start to learn everything else"...

    • Thanks for B.A.

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  • Yeah, it helps if I have at least somebody who believes in me. It's easier for me to do something when someone (sane) believes in me. It also helps if I have a few skeptics telling me I can't, or that I'm no good. Because then I have some spite to fuel me as well. It's a good combo.

    As for who believes in me, my girlfriend. She supports me in a lot of the things I do, and in general, she's been a rock. She's made me feel safe and loved and supported, and she helps me in any way she can, with anything. I like that. There's no shortage of people ready to put me down, but they ultimately don't matter. They only matter enough for me to one day show them what they can suck. My girlfriend is the important part. She drives a lot of the things I do. She helps me get a stronger willpower than I would normally have without her (which is still pretty strong, anyway) and she amps it up to eleven.

    If I went on about all the hardships and bad places I've been through, I'd go on for hours. If I went through all the things she helps with, I could take even longer. So forgive me if I'm not too terribly specific. Still. She helps me. She believes in me. She believes in me more than even my own parents or family. I am so thankful I have her, you have no idea.

    In parting, I want to tell you, good on ya for watching Coyote Ugly. It was marketed as hot chicks on a bar with fire and rock, dance and stuff, but it ended up being a surprisingly sweet, and sappy movie that won even cynics like ME over. So good choice in watching that.

    • I know who you are and I'm glad you have your wonderful girlfriend by your side. :)

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    • Thank you both.

  • A few...but I've always been fighting for my own success and I always will be.

    • Well, your profile says you live in new york, so with the economy, the (slightly delayed) fiscal cliff, and the hurricane, that plus it's new york... yeah I don't doubt you.

    • Nothing to do with the economy, actually. Physical abuse when I was younger, multiple medical problems, suicidal schedule on a daily basis and more. I was told for years that I would never evens me it to college. Now, I'm taking 17 credits/semester, am a tutor at my university's writing center and am on the board of directors of a national disability rights advocacy organization. Plus, I'm studying for the psychology subject and general GREs, as I begin the application process for grad school.

  • I dunno, my family/friends would be there for me but it's not like I've needed encouragement or had to deal with anything that serious

  • It feels like it's just me :(.

    And no you cannot truly success all on your own in life, it's a team effort. I guess getting a team to help me out is what I need :)

  • 1st ( I adoooooooooore that movie and actually watched it in a movie theater I think it was year 2000 or 2001 maybe?! :D ).

    2ndly nope, I didn't have someone to believe in me, heck I fought to prove that am not a lunatic :D :D :D

    But I think it doesn't work the same for everyone right?

    I mean some people needs the faith of other to be able to get through tough times or to have a future.

    Others can work by the negative pressure by others and therefor he\she tries their best to prove them wrong, that they are correct.

    just a thought.

    By the way, how do you like the song "You can't fight the moon light" ? :-)

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  • I don't, honestly. The people I know always put me down when I start to pursue a new interest. So I don't really tell them about those things until I have a finished product to show (like opening night at the theater or a finished manuscript) because all they do is doubt while something is a work in progress.

    Luckily, I have enough confidence and belief in myself not to let others get to me.

  • Nah, I don't think so. It doesn't matter if anyone believes in me or not because I believe in myself and I know I can succeed if I work hard. It is easier and helpful when someone believes in you but people shouldn't lose faith in themselves if no one believes in them. The one's who din't believe in you may be wrong. Besides, they are just humans. Once you do succeed they'll wish they believed in you. Besides you can't wait around and see if people approve of your thoughts or not and then do the thing which you were planning to do based on people's approval.

  • My parents

  • My girlfriend believes in me and encourages me to do my best at everything

  • Nobody believes in me, even myself...

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