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So my house was invaded the other day...

by a stray cat... my front door is messed up, and unless you lock it it doesn't stay shut. well my boyfriend left the other day and didn't lock it.... Show More

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  • This probably goes without saying but I’m going to say it anyway. Don’t feed them. Look around your neighborhood and make sure none of your neighbors are feeding them. Remove any obvious sources of food and secure all outside waste containers.

    Seal up any spaces that a feral cat may see as an attractive ‘nesting’ area. Some of their favorite places to make homes are underneath decks, sheds, foundations, and barns.

    Contact your local animal control center and have them catch and remove the feline from your property.

    Purchase a trap and capture the cat yourself. You can then drop it off at a shelter or release it far (at least 10 miles) away from your home. Be VERY careful when dealing with a trapped feral cat as they can be VERY nasty! Please also note that releasing the cat elsewhere will not solve the problem - only move it...

    Extract the oil of a few dozen of the hottest peppers you can find (or use pepper spray), and apply it liberally to the areas that the cats frequent the most. The idea is to let the cats come into contact with the spicy formula so when they go to groom themselves they will get a spicy surprise. After a few tastes they will begin to stay away – this may need to be repeated often before the results are lasting.

    Get a dog large enough to discourage any cats from venturing near your property. If you go this route, make sure you get the pooch immunized just in case he gets into a fight!

    • i have asshat neighbors that leave their porch open for strays. so we have them literally all over the neighbor hood. its just the smell that I can't handle

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  • as far as cleaning you should go to a pet store. I'm not sure what the product is but my dad and his girlfriend have a bunch of cats and there is some product cleaner that will get rid of the cat piss smell

    Good luck! Cat piss is one of the most putrid odors in the world

  • Which one? Was it Brian Setzer?

  • keep your cat locked in a separate room, then put a can of tuna fish out loaded with rat poison. Within a few days you'll smell the rotting carcass, then put the dead cat on your bosses front door step with a note asking for a raise or else.

    • ha! this would be amazing. except its under my bathtub with no way to reach it, I have no doors inside my place, and I'm not sure what state my bosses live in since I work at home.

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