Should I? sorry! This question is so long help?

I been talking to this guy a months now, he's like an hour away from me. Starting from normal people talked in fb chat, like how was your day? What are you up to? Yada-blah; sometimes flirting :P then boom! Started to talking dirty to me, sending a photo of his "thing" and I question him; "is this your first time sending a photo of yourself?" he answered "I only done this couple years ago' usually the girls send me one first" I WAS LIKE WTF? (It was so weird, how weird! He was being honest with me) Says that you can send one back ;) I'm like noooooooo. He replies back "You don't have to nude or anything" I reply to him; well kind of avoiding. Told him I'm shy. Later 3 weeks latah or so, BANGARANG! He sends one another. He won't even leave me alone LOL. ? Awh! He got the face 'no woman can't resist.' He hot, I'll tell ya. Well kind of weird he went quiet on me, sometimes pop outs on me fb chat. I was wondering! What does he wants from me? Should I stop talking to him?


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  • He only wants to get into your pants. No romantic intentions.

    Yes, you should stay away from him.