You can't have any game and have very high standards?

Brother's friend told me that I might as well be condemning myself to celibacy if I maintain my level of standards and have "the worst social skills he's ever seen short of autism".

I have trouble taking this guy seriously because he is a sociopath and a drug abusive loser, but he does get a lot of women somehow. I guess people really are that retarded?

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  • sociopaths know how to get what they want...they mimic the emotions to manipulate people and can lie about anything and everything and most likely do for no reason...if there's any truth in what they say its very little...not knowing who you really are could make it difficult to give decent advice...but if I had to form an opinion of you just by the words you've said so far...i would say your are just a tad judgemental...and I would also have to say your the type of guy that would go to far and forget your around a girl...example:a girl playfully splashes you with get a bucket and soak her...she throws a snow ball at throw one purposefully in her face with a ton of strength...I just think you need to pay attention when girls are other guys interact with them...realize the difference between how girls work and how guys work...human'd still find a girl without doing any of that...but a girl is only going to take so one wants to be with someone who would be a better match with themselves...but like I said I don't know you and I'm only going off of what you've said so far...

    • Why? I see no purpose in flirting nor in 'game'.

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    • Ok well totally missing the point and that Kinda prooves my point...Im probably just not explaining myself so you can get what I mean..which also prooves when your "hot" girlfriend is trying to tell you how she feels and trying to get her point across to you...and you stare at her like you fail to get it..or miss the entire conversation all together making the fight worse...Remember this...well good luck with your approach to women and social situations..

    • Well there aren't many women that impress me frankly, most of them are insufferably idiotic and banal.