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You can't have any game and have very high standards?

Brother's friend told me that I might as well be condemning myself to celibacy if I maintain my level of standards and have "the worst social skills... Show More

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  • sociopaths know how to get what they want...they mimic the emotions to manipulate people and can lie about anything and everything and most likely do for no reason...if there's any truth in what they say its very little...not knowing who you really are could make it difficult to give decent advice...but if I had to form an opinion of you just by the words you've said so far...i would say your are just a tad judgemental...and I would also have to say your the type of guy that would go to far and forget your around a girl...example:a girl playfully splashes you with water...you get a bucket and soak her...she throws a snow ball at you...you throw one purposefully in her face with a ton of strength...I just think you need to pay attention when girls are around...watch other guys interact with them...realize the difference between how girls work and how guys work...human nature...you'd still find a girl without doing any of that...but a girl is only going to take so much...no one wants to be with someone who would be a better match with themselves...but like I said I don't know you and I'm only going off of what you've said so far...

    • Why? I see no purpose in flirting nor in 'game'.

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    • Ok well totally missing the point and that Kinda prooves my point...Im probably just not explaining myself so you can get what I mean..which also prooves it..so when your "hot" girlfriend is trying to tell you how she feels and trying to get her point across to you...and you stare at her like you fail to get it..or miss the entire conversation all together making the fight worse...Remember this...well good luck with your approach to women and social situations..

    • Well there aren't many women that impress me frankly, most of them are insufferably idiotic and banal.

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  • You can't have any game and have very high standards?

    In my opinion untrue as you can have any standards you want whether you have game or not. Whether you'll attain those standards are a toss up however likely they can be attained via prostitutes, escorts, and mail order brides.

    I have trouble taking this guy seriously because he is a sociopath and a drug abusive loser, but he does get a lot of women somehow. I guess people really are that retarded?

    Likely he's attractive, high status, interesting, appealing, or fun to be around and in my opinion most people are inclined to pursue someone with negative traits if the positive traits outweigh or match them.

    • lololol sociopath can be charismatic, its the devils deceit.

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    • Sociopaths have no value, they aren't even human beings.

    • I wasn't talking about sociopaths. I was asking:

      Why do you think gals wouldn't care about if a guy was attractive, interesting, appealing, or fun to be around?

      Why do you seem to think those traits are separate from someone who has value?

      A person doesn't have to be a sociopath to be attractive, interesting, appealing, and fun to be around. Though your friend being a sociopath does probably add to his ability to attract gals as sociopaths tend to charm others.

  • yeah... never lower your standards, or you'll end up with someone you don't want. He gets a lot of women... but really? How many one true loves do you need? There's someone out there...

  • Keep your standards! I did and I haven't regretted it. I still haven't found anything near mr. Right but in situations where I've been in doubt and decided not to go with the 'under-my-standards' guy I've later been relieved that I didn't do anything.

  • Well.. I don' tknow how you are as a person.. but if you are socially awkward or NEVER talk to girls well... then your gonna have less chances but still. in your life your gonna come across a lot of females whether by happen stance, work or college so eventually you will meet a girl that you could possibly develop a relationship with..

    Its sad that a drug abuser gets woman but usually those are the kind of woman that you may not be missing out on much lol if they're hanging out with this guy .. I mean that's a blanket statement but... yeah

    And plus... just be yourself.. keep your standards.. if you wanna lower your standards go ahead... but in the end you may feel empty when things don't go your way and you don't get what you want then you would of wished that you kept those standards and yoru character..

    Guys can be hot and still have character... just be yourself honestly... that's all it is.. BE YOURSELF!

    • And also do not change your values for anyone

    • Definitely not. I think a lot of people settle for second best. Long ago they gave up on any spark of a future they had for themselves. They are dead, for they have no dreams.

  • Lie! Classy high standard women don't want to be with a loser and vise versa. Stay the way you are

  • You might not want to listen to your brother's friend assessment of you. He may get a lot of girls but that doesn't mean they are the type of girls most guys want in the long run. You don't need a lot of game if you are comfortable with yourself. As far as having high standards I don't know what you're standards are but I would suggest not always judging a book by its cover (i'm not saying you do that but just in case I thought I would add it). Your brothers friend is dating short term girls which yea I'm sure is fun but there is something to be said about finding long term girls. But to really sum up the answer to your question yes people really can be that retarded.

  • The women he gets are probably druggies and too high to realize what a loser he is!. You don't need tons of women, just one that is your soul mate:)

    • if your always high drugs never come down you'll out touch hhahaha

  • Hm..this varies if what he says about your social skills is true, then you definitely should not have high expectation, unless you're hot.

    Having game is social skills mastered and refined, but not having game doesn't mean you won't get a girl, lacking social skills all together you definitely won't get one.

    • Yeah he has a point, but its better than being some empty robot like him heh

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  • You are judging him for his poor choices, however, what does his poor choices have to do with him getting laid, and you not ? One doesn't have to be a drug-e to get laid. However, He has people skills, which probably is a reason why he knows who to go to for drugs, and can talk them into bed. He has some ability, but not much analytical ability. Try not to be too hard on yourself, although he may have a point, I can't judge him, I don't know him.

    • I'm judging him for not being a human being mate. Sociopaths have no feelings.

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    • He can't show sympathy.. Sociopaths have no emotions.

    • You seem more concerned with him, than yourself, perhaps that is your issue?

  • Maybe you are the one deceiving yourself. Results doesn't lie, the guy who gets the girls has the best game.

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