Staying with my boyfriend through college?

I have been dating this guy senior year of high school. And now that we know what colleges we are going to we have started to talk about what will happen with our relationship over the summer and next year. He told me he doesn't want to end it. Neither do I. I love this guy so much and hate thinking that we would have to end everything once we graduate.

we don't go to the same high school now and our colleges next year are a 3 hour plane ride apart.

Is staying together is a good or bad idea?


Most Helpful Guy

  • why not stay together? test out ur relationship see if it will last.. I wish I was only 3 hours away form my girlfriend and belive me long distance sucks cause you miss them and get lonely. but when you see them when your together with them then its the greatest feeling you ever felt and it makes you appreciate them even more.

    but only do long distance if you are ready to make a commitment to each other. I'm not saying get married I'm saying not cheating. you have to have trust in them and yourself that neither of you will hurt the other with the break up over the phone convo. and believe me people will come along when your relationship is falling apart and the days are hard without them, somone will come along trying to sweep you off your feet. they are just a test. to see if you are truly ready and truly love them. when you pass the test you will know and if you fail you will feel like sh*t after wards... so just remember be ready and be faithful and have trust in him to do the same.

    well good luck to you and yourboyfriend I hope you guys do what you can to make it work and I'm sure it will be the right answer what ever you chose