Facebook Snooping how to deal with it.


Firstly I would like to say I am ashamed of myself for doing this, but I did not think for one minute that I would find anything bad. My boyfriend left his self logged onto Facebook, his profile was open. I looked at a private message to a girl. This was sent roughly 5 months ago! He apologized for messaging her out of the blue but he thought she was cute and asked her out for a drink, presuming that she was single. He has a couple of friends who are friends with her so I guess there was some connection.

From what I can see she did not reply on Facebook, but my imagination has gone into over drive. Who else is there, will there be other messages on his phone ect.I have asked him if he has ever cheated or made advances to other girls during our relationship he said NO! Which is a lie from what I’ve read?

How can I deal with what I’ve seen, I know some relationships can have blips during the beginning but is this the future, we had been together 9mths. Do I let this go (If I can) or face my fears and admit to snooping.

I can’t really get him to admit to it any other way?