My husband always gets naked when we have parties

Hi, I am worried about why my husband always feels the need to get naked when we are partying with friends. Usually its when we are all going to go in the hot tub, but he finds any excuse to get out, and lets everyone see his junk. He also makes sure to groom himself well before the party. No one else gets naked. Just him. He isn't always drunk, and he knows it bothers me that he does this. He's been doing this for about 3 years. Why is he doing this? Should I be worried?


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  • I don't think you got a full, helpful answer, so since I just saw this I will add my two bits.

    I am probably more comfortable with public nudity than anyone you know. Love the nude beaches and resorts, and do the Naked Bike Rides. And if others get naked at a hot tub party, so will I. But there is no way that I would be the solo person to bare it all! There has to be a strange thinking there. And since it only began three years ago, I would suspect that even though he is relatively young, there may be some changes going on in the brain. As in either he is losing his ability to see that as strange behavior, or he is desperately seeking attention. This is really something that his doctor should know about during his next physical.


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  • Maybe he likes to show off his body. Does he have a big junk down there? Maybe he's trying to encourage others to get naked. He wants to see some other girls naked. That's all I can think of so far.

  • Haha that's just weird. Have you asked him WTF he's doing it for? Threaten to do it yourself, maybe that you'd do it around his parents if he does it again.

    • Lol. I have asked him and he doesn't really give me an answer. I am going to sit down and ask again today. I have asked him how he would feel if I did that all the time, he says he wouldn't like it, but I wonder if he actually would.

    • Tell him the purpose of your parties is not to exhibit his twig and berries. Ban him from something if he does it again. He's acting like a child taking his pants off in kindergarden, treat him like one.

  • I'm trying to keep a straight face. Your husband sounds funny and weird. Maybe he's one of those guys who belong in a nudist colony or on a nude beach.

    • People in nudist colonies or on nude beaches are normal people like you and me.

  • My question is, how did you manage to get married to a guy without knowing he does this sort of thing?

    • We have been married for 9 years. He has just started doing this 3 years ago around.

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    • Well, that's why I am worried. But maybe its my insecurities? Like I wonder if he is doing it for attention from other women. Not that he gets any. But I am thinking if I were to do that, I would def be looking for some attention. Or maybe to get someone interested. Pretty sure that would be the wrong way to go about it. Is it to show off? Why does he feel the need to show off?

    • Don't ask me, I don't get naked to show off. It doesn't seem logical within social norms. He obviously perceives it differently then me. =P

  • maybe he wants to find a girl that will get naked with him.


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  • He is an exhibitionist! You did not catch on to this before marriage?

    Don't have hut tub parties anymore

  • Maybe he's into that kinda stuff. Ask him.