My husband always gets naked when we have parties

Hi, I am worried about why my husband always feels the need to get naked when we are partying with friends. Usually its when we are all going to go in the hot tub, but he finds any excuse to get out, and lets everyone see his junk. He also makes sure to groom himself well before the party. No one else gets naked. Just him. He isn't always drunk, and he knows it bothers me that he does this. He's been doing this for about 3 years. Why is he doing this? Should I be worried?


Most Helpful Guy

  • I don't think you got a full, helpful answer, so since I just saw this I will add my two bits.

    I am probably more comfortable with public nudity than anyone you know. Love the nude beaches and resorts, and do the Naked Bike Rides. And if others get naked at a hot tub party, so will I. But there is no way that I would be the solo person to bare it all! There has to be a strange thinking there. And since it only began three years ago, I would suspect that even though he is relatively young, there may be some changes going on in the brain. As in either he is losing his ability to see that as strange behavior, or he is desperately seeking attention. This is really something that his doctor should know about during his next physical.