Women in family getting upset because I don't want a career woman.

I have reached the point in my life, where I want to get married and have kids. Most women that I have met that are career oriented, are not interested in having kids. So I am only interested in family oriented women. Now it seems like every woman in my family is claiming I am the one with the issue just because I want someone that is ready to start a family.

I am not intimidated by a woman having a career, or making more money than I do. I just don't feel our life goals are compatible. The women in my family are accusing me of being sexist, and that I need to learn to handle a strong woman, and crap like that.

I am really confused on why I am being treated like a sexist just because I want to have a family. Are these women just making excuses for why a guy doesn't want them, or has the media brainwashed them enough to actually think every guy has to want a career woman, or he isn't man enough to handle a strong independent woman, that has her own life, etc, etc.?


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  • i think the problem with a lot of career women is that they are turning into men. MANY women nowadays are educated and that is fine. I think a lot of it lies in behavior and personality.

    for example I am sure you would be fine with a woman who is educated but would be fine working a less demanding job to be a mom.

    here's the thing in our society we are ALL taught to be educated. I am pushed by my parents to pursue higher education and they help me pay for it so I am well educated and with my degree I can be a real career woman if I wanted to.

    but I don't. I want to have my education because it's always good, I know I can get a decent job and support myself if I ever had to. but I don't want my life to be my career. I want to get married and have kids. in all honesty I don't really want a career that much. my parents just basically forced me into it or rather pressured me into it.

    i don't think your family should get upset at that. but I think what you want makes many of these career women defensive :P


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  • Maybe you are wording it better on here than you are when you talk them. Here it sounds reasonable. It sounds like you don't want a career woman because she doesn't want kids from your experience but if she wanted a career and kids you would be fine with that.

  • Why are you even telling your family this?... just meet a good family girl and introduce her to them, you are an adult and you can do what you want.


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  • Forget them. They're not the ones you're looking to have a baby with (hopefully) so they have no input on your decision.

  • Most of the time, people throw words around solely to discredit people. Someone can have valid opinions, but once they are labeled as sexist, racist, homophobic, etc, all of that is out of the window. Also, if you are on the other side of those terms, you can say pretty much everything you want to without being called out on it. It's an amazing power, isn't it?

    So I suggest to not worry about them. Find the girl that you want. Find one that is relationship centric and can take care of kids instead of pawning them off on others all of the time. When you do find her, make sure she realizes how valuable she is to you and your budding family unit. Good luck.