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He left without saying goodbye... What now?

So I met this guy at work. He started working there a couple months I started, I'm 19 he's 23. When I first met/saw him I wasn't automatically... Show More

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  • sounds to me like he is a bit of a free-sprit so to speak. He made what sounds like an impulsive decision. He also probably is conflicted or nervous about his feelings for you so he doesn't make the bold move or text, call, etc.

    It sucks I'm sure for you but don't take it personally. It says more about him than it does you. Perhaps you could email or send a text (if you have either contact) and mention that you were surprised he quit without even saying goodbye to you. Or if his roommates come in again be like "Oh he said hi? funny cause he never said bye" (in a joking manner so they don't think you are being b*tchy)

    • i agree - free spirit - and non-committal. even tho he did like her. he does not want to be tied down.

      he's a butterfly...

    • yea non-comittal sounds right too

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