I don't understand how she got over me so fast? Advice please!?

I broke up with my EX-girlfriend because she lied to me however she was really upset 3 days ago when I broke up with her,She cried,begged me then got angry and mean at me and even tried to seduce me,However her friends are telling her on Facebook how excited they are for her birthday in 8 days and she says all over Facebook "I can't wait it's going to be amazing :D xxxx" Do you think she still loves me or got over me so fast?

Thanks for your help and advice.

We have been going out for 6months.


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  • just because she is excited that her birthday is coming up does not mean her feelings are not hurt.

    ITS HER BIRTHDAY! HELLO! why would she want to be all sad on Facebook and tell everyone how sad she is when her birthday is coming up.

    "waaa my boyfriend just broke up with me I'm so sad I hate my life, I don't even want to have a birthday celebration because I'm so sad waaaaaa!" who would make a Facebook status like that?

    and then on top of that, she has girlfriends who are cheering her up constantly. when you have really good girlfriends they are not gonna let you be sad, and they are not gonna let you humiliate yourself to the world and on Facebook. they are gonna say,

    "well girl, the past is the past, he just wasn't the right guy for you, your birthday is comming up so you should be happy about that and we are gonna take you out so you can get your mind off of your jerky ex. you were too good for him anyway"

    thats what I told my best friend and I helped her to meet a new guy too.

    you can't move on in 3 days when you are with someone for that long. Her feelings are definitely hurt but the first step to getting over your ex is to accept that he is now in the past and then you do things that take your mind off of him such as, hang out with your girlfriends for your birthday.

    You are not fully over someone untill you stop thinking about them and I'm sure she still thinks about you, after all she did attempt to make you want her again but you said you were done so there is nothing she can do about it but just accepted it and move on.

    dude, Do you want her to be miserable for the rest of her life or something? you moved on so she is trying to do the same. why do you even care? she is in the past now.