What do you think is the biggest myth people in modern societies believe in?

This can relate to anything from myths that are political to myths that are scientific. Social myths are very welcome. All the better if you have data that backs your opinion but it's definitely not required.

I.E.: Women say that men only want sex or that the primary reason men look for women is sex.

I.E.2: Girls don't play videogames.



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  • " Girls are not as smart as guys , they make the best housewife material but do not belong in the business or academic or scientific world."

    " It is more important to get a job that you like than the one that pays you better." ( This is a lie.)

    "People should care about what's on the inside but not on the outside." ( Which is also a lie,not for me of course.)

    Some people tend to care about the consequences of actions but not the process and "the good will". If someone is not cheating on his/her partner just because it would hurt her, we cannot really say that action is moral, because avoiding cheating on your loved one should come from a certain code that you build you life on which is , in this case , " cheating on is WRONG." I like Kantian picture in moral philosophy.

    In my culture people think that religious people are better than people who are not entitled to any kind of religious traditions or ateists.But being moral and good should not depend on the fear of going to hell but rather on what you believe to be good or bad.


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  • the history that we're told how man evolved.

    • are you talking about evolution or creationism (intelligent design)?

  • asians are good at math but I suck!

  • that guys only want sex

  • that men don't want relaitonship they just want sex

  • That Jesus bloke.

  • People believe politics are important.

    • ummm they are lol

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    • are you being serious?

    • Half serious. I wouldn't mind being a good man's slave.

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  • (Insert name of an organised religion here)

  • the illuminati are real.

  • The biggest has got to be religion

    even if one is right then that's still billions of others who think their myths are right.

  • another myth is All guys like bigger boobs.

  • canadians live in iglues because it's winter all year round.

  • Women don't put as much emphasis on looks as men.

  • Astrology

  • It would be that fortune tellers are accurate.

  • You can be anything if you put your mind to it.

    The lipid hypothesis.

    that women like nice guys

    That women like jerks.

    that all jobs are equal.

    that more people should go to university

    that abortion has anything to do with religion.

  • That republicans have brains.