Girls: what do you think of guys that own cats?

Do you think they are gay? Adorable? Or don't care at all?


Just had to post a pic of my kitten ;D


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  • A sign of a true man is one who has compassion for animals... especially cats. :-)

    • Agree! A man who likes cat is actually a man how respect a womans independence.

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  • Well I'm not a big cat person (I'm allergic) but I think it's sweet when guys have animals. My boyfriend has a little shih tzu puppy and I think it's adorable when he plays with her. It shows a soft, nurturing side which I like in a guy:)

  • i love animals in general:) OMG that is one cutee kitty kat ! :)

    im more of a doggy person but I still like cats and I think its nice to see anyone having that bond with their pet:P it also reveals a soft side in guys too lol:P

    like there was this really buff agressive guy in high school and apparently he was into rabbits haha. so its pretty cute:)

  • Don't care. My boyfriend has a cat who adopted him one day. So he sort of has one. I'm more of a dog person, but cats are cool. I don't read any further into it other than his pet meows and doesn't bark :p

  • your kitten is so cute :3

    i love cats so it's a big plus

  • Your cat is so cute! I like the fact that guys have pets, now if it's a dog or a cat or even a turtle or a rat, it's the fact that he knows how to take care of them, likes their company and that he likes animals is what I like about it. Unless he would have like 50 cats, unless he took them in because they're homeless, that would make it weird but adorable ^^

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  • For a guy, another guy that owns a cat is considered a fair and probably loyal person. I personally like cats. It's a moo cat.

  • Obviously awesome!

  • Your kitten is hell of an adorable and cute little piece...

  • Hey, I love cats. They're cool, quiet but very wild, neat, and very observant, possessive and balanced. All the traits I have envied and cultivated. What more do you want than cuddling a guy who has a cat eyeing your place on his lap?

  • Guys that own cats are usually p******.

    Dog > Cat

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