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Girls: what do you think of guys that own cats?

Do you think they are gay? Adorable? Or don't care at all?


Just had to post a pic of my kitten ;D

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  • A sign of a true man is one who has compassion for animals... especially cats. :-)

    • Agree! A man who likes cat is actually a man how respect a womans independence.

What Girls Said 26

  • your kitten is so cute :3

    i love cats so it's a big plus

  • Well I'm not a big cat person (I'm allergic) but I think it's sweet when guys have animals. My boyfriend has a little shih tzu puppy and I think it's adorable when he plays with her. It shows a soft, nurturing side which I like in a guy:)

  • Oh I don't care. I love animals so I would be glad he did too.

  • i love animals in general:) OMG that is one cutee kitty kat ! :)

    im more of a doggy person but I still like cats and I think its nice to see anyone having that bond with their pet:P it also reveals a soft side in guys too lol:P

    like there was this really buff agressive guy in high school and apparently he was into rabbits haha. so its pretty cute:)

  • Don't care. My boyfriend has a cat who adopted him one day. So he sort of has one. I'm more of a dog person, but cats are cool. I don't read any further into it other than his pet meows and doesn't bark :p

  • Your cat is so cute! I like the fact that guys have pets, now if it's a dog or a cat or even a turtle or a rat, it's the fact that he knows how to take care of them, likes their company and that he likes animals is what I like about it. Unless he would have like 50 cats, unless he took them in because they're homeless, that would make it weird but adorable ^^

  • i love them. They get a couple of points in my book because I know so many people who HATE cats, so its nice to meet a fellow cat lover, especially if he's a guy I like.

  • cute pets will usually work in your favour with girls

  • I don't care honestly. I'm not a fan, but it's not my cat. So it doesn't matter at all.

  • My friend had a kitty, and he would make the cheesiest puns every like, everyone wants to touch my p****, or come for the party and stay for the p****, but honestly she was so adorable, like yours!

  • I LOVE CATS! the way he treats her cat is the way he is gonna treat his kids.

  • I love cats and your cat is just so cute! Also loving animals (any) goes to show the person is compassionate and caring, which are plus points obviously.

  • Awww! Your kitten is adorable! ?????

    Anyways, I think guys who own cats are awesome. I don't know why but I always tend to view guys with kittens or puppies as caring people. I haven't met a guy in real life who loves kittens though.�

    • sorry about the question marks lol

  • I like when a guy has pets, I have a cat too, so a plus in my book:)

  • Aww, how cute! And I am just an animal person. I love it when the guy is too.

  • I love cats so I definitely would not be bothered by it

  • I want to jump their bones obviously

  • They tend to hate dogs and I like dogs but cats not so much, so nay

  • I don't care. I would think it just shows that he likes cute things. Just like when I see a big guy carrying a cihuahua.

    I'm not a cat person though, so a guy with a dog would definitely have a plus point for me, I love dogs, especially big dogs.

  • Of course they are not gay!Who's so crazy to say that?I love dogs and cats deeply and always stare at them more than I stare at people.

    There are a lot of stray cats in our neighbourhood and I stare at them every time I pass by them.They are so fluffy and cute,including your kitty.

    The kitty's owner is definitely under 45.

    • Lol ;p

  • it's cool, it shows he's sensitive:)

  • A guy who loves animals is awesome. Of course I'm horribly allergic to cats so I wouldn't be able to spend much time at his place. My boyfriend has a cat but it's his family's cat and I usually leave his house with red eyes, a scratchy throat and a runny nose. If he lived on his own and had a cat that was still fairly young (his is 17) I think it would be a bit of an issue for me, because I could never ask someone to give up their pet for me.

  • I don't really have a general opinion of them, I don't consider it a defining personality characteristic. You can still be a macho guy and have a cat and obviously not all gay guys are cat people.

    My brother has always been 100% a dog person and is still a dog person for the most part. But years ago, I brought home a litter of kittens whose mother had died and I cared for them, farming them out to friends and family as they got bigger. He got attached to this one kitten, surprising us all. I have heard him use the tone of voice he uses with his cat with only one other living thing- his girlfriend of 8 years. He loves that damn cat more than anyone could ever expect- carries her around like a baby, tells her he loves her, lets her take naps with him, and texts me just to ask how she is whenever he goes away and I cat sit.

    It's so funny because he's this big, strong, masculine guy- into football, rugby, MMA (he does all of them recreationally), works a physical labour job, drives a big truck- in general a rough and tumble country boy. You'd never expect him to have such a soft spot for a cat, but he does.

    If nothing else, watching him with the cat over the years has taught me you really can't assume a thing about a person's personality or sexual orientation based on their pet choice...

  • It's not about cats or dogs or whatever (unless you have like 10 of them in your house then we might have a problem), for me if a guy loves animals it's attractive. It shows a softer side of them. My fiance doesn't show a soft side in front of people, only when we're alone. The only acception is with dogs. Despite his 'coming off cold' he's an animal lover and dogs just gravitate towards him, definitely a plus for personality.

  • Pretty gay

What Guys Said 6

  • Obviously awesome!

  • For a guy, another guy that owns a cat is considered a fair and probably loyal person. I personally like cats. It's a moo cat.

  • Your kitten is hell of an adorable and cute little piece...

  • Hey, I love cats. They're cool, quiet but very wild, neat, and very observant, possessive and balanced. All the traits I have envied and cultivated. What more do you want than cuddling a guy who has a cat eyeing your place on his lap?

  • Guys that own cats are usually p******.

    Dog > Cat

  • I am wondering this too man...the kind of cat I have might REALLY have them think I'm gay >_>


    • hahaha

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