When guys get busy with their jobs, why do they neglect their relationships?

I've this experience with two guys , the former left all communication when he went abroad to study in med school & the recent one neglects me since he got his evening-night job & hardly have any time for me.

I'm really heart broken now. For guys is career that important that they can let the relationship go without trying to give some time ? Or have I expected too much from a busy med student or the guy doing night job ?

Is this normal ? Guys & girls please share in your opinions ... & what can I do to make situations better

Thank u


Most Helpful Guy

  • Because the relationship is not that important ? No, that's what girls think. But that's not it.

    It's because the guy does not think the relationship is as fragile as his job.

    If you think of the job as a spinning plate on a stick, it needs constant (every day) attention in order to avoid falling into chaos.

    Relationships are not like for guys. We expect them to be able to continue along just fine without our constant care and attention.

    Most guys have no idea of the way women can spiral out of control in just a day or two if there's no communication with them. It simply wouldn't occur to the average inexperienced guy that the girl would find any reason to spin out of control in just two days.

    Typical guy thought : " I spoke to her on Friday! We were all good, and looking forward to next weekends trip! I haven't even seen her or spoken to her in 3 days! What the hell could have gone wrong?"

    Typical girl thought " He hasn't spoken to me in 3 days. What's the matter? Did he not enjoy the date Friday? I did, I thought he did as well. Has he found someone else? I bet that's it. I bet it's that girl at the office, the one he mentioned that one time. The bastard! How could he do this to me?"