Why is he so secretive?

So, I'm dating someone. We've been together for 3 months so far. Our relationship is sorta... taboo. I was going to school and he works there. I am a grown woman though, and he is a grown man. The weird thing is that I know that him and I have to take some time to go public about our relationship, but he is so secretive towards me. He comes over to my house 5-6 days a week and I have told him everything about myself, but he never tells me anything personal about him. For example: I have no idea where he lives. I know he lives in my city, but I don't know if he lives in a house, apartment, etc. To me, it makes no sense. I know nothing about his family or his past. He is very affectionate towards me and tells me how much he likes me all the time, but I really don't understand why he's acting the way he is and I don't know how to bring it up. There is no reason why I can't go over to his house for dinner one night, or even know where the heck he lives! Am I crazy or is this strange behavior ? Anyone have any comments or ideas as to what is going on? I would really appreciate it.Thanks in advance


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  • The most amazing thing in all this, is that you have been dating for three months and accepting this.It's not strange behavior from him, it's totally insane.

    • Ah yes. Don't enter the patio, especially if there are animal skulls with flashing leds ornamenting the steps. Good luck ;)

    • Or don't enter the patio, because he won't tell me where he lives anyway lol. But thank you. Even if things don't work out, you still gave me a laugh!

    • If you are in a relationship with someone, that's about the first things to be shared. So yeah. Be a strong girl.Dead hookers smell. You should know as soon as you enter the patio ;)

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  • I wouldn't know anything about that, could be he had a rough past and would not want to talk about it, or his past is completely off limits as he wants to focus on the present. Not sure really, I mean I'm like that as-well but the reason I do it is because my past is irrelevant in my relationship, I only care about my girlfriend/wife past and future. If she asks about it sure I'll answer depending on the topic, but if it's something that bothers me I will kindly ask her not to mention it ever again.

  • He probably lives with his mom so bringing you over to the house would be embarrassing

    • Oh, well he clearly wants to hide a few things from you because he doesn't think you will accept it.

    • No, his mom is actually living in long-term health care facility. That's definitely not it.

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