Why is he so secretive?

So, I'm dating someone. We've been together for 3 months so far. Our relationship is sorta... taboo. I was going to school and he works there. I am a grown woman though, and he is a grown man. The weird thing is that I know that him and I have to take some time to go public about our relationship,... Show More

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  • The most amazing thing in all this, is that you have been dating for three months and accepting this.

    It's not strange behavior from him, it's totally insane.

    • Because I really like him and I keep hoping that in time, we will be able to tell people we are together. He has promised me multiple times that once this celebration thing we're having at school is over, he will feel comfortable telling people that we are together. So I've been waiting for that. But it still doesn't explain why he has to be secretive about himself to ME, right?

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    • Or don't enter the patio, because he won't tell me where he lives anyway lol. But thank you. Even if things don't work out, you still gave me a laugh!

    • Ah yes. Don't enter the patio, especially if there are animal skulls with flashing leds ornamenting the steps. Good luck ;)