How to not let working out get to your head?

So I've been working out for a while now and I have made very good progress. I have made impressive strength gains relative to the amount of time I have been working out and I look better and I plan on keeping at it.

The thing is I am afraid I will turn into one of the douchey guys that always post pictures of themselves shirtless in front of a mirror. It is like the guy version of duck facing...

How can I keep it from getting to my head and keep myself in check. Just because I am starting to look better I don't want my personality to go through the tubes.



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  • I work out a lot, it's my passion. Whenever I feel like my ego is too big I know I need to humble myself with some hard work, either do work on some project in my garden (get dirty, sweaty and sunburnt) or I will run til I feel like puking/can't stand up... then I do not look too sexy... also I play down my looks by dressing casual and blending in, I don't wear make up or new clothes... I try to keep humble and not let my ego get too big... this is why I won't allow myself to have a Facebook or anything like that... I hate being a show off. I am proud of myself and would like to share my life and achievements with others... but people are generally haters and not supportive so I keep these things to myself, I don't want to cause drama or jealousy, its not worth it... If working out is your passion you will make it work for your life... if not then you will find excuses why not to do it...

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      Really mature response. Thanks!