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Do you add your classmates on Facebook?

Is it just me or is that kind of weird? Like how you never talk to them but you're friends with them on Facebook?

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  • No. I have to know them before I feel comfortable sharing my pictures, likes, and other things with them. By "know them" I mean actually spend time talking, getting to know them, maybe hang out a couple of times. But definitely not just by knowing their name and seeing them in class everyday. Keep your info open only to people you trust.

What Guys Said 3

  • No if I never spoke to them it just seems weird.

  • I don't think it's that weird... I recently did so myself. If your mutually interested why not?

What Girls Said 8

  • Yup,but then again,it's been 20+yrs for me:)

  • not really I just have one

  • I have no problem accepting friend requests from classmates. The majority of people on my friend's list are acquaintances from high school. I don't think it's that weird, since I don’t really take Facebook that seriously anyway. It's actually kind of interesting seeing glimpses of people's lives, even if I barely know them. If I were to only add my family members and close friends, I'd have barely anyone added, which would make Facebook seem even duller than what it already is.

  • i added some, those whom I talked often to. I am very selective when it comes to adding people on fb

  • I only add people that I talk to. It makes no sense to add people that I don't talk to.

  • No, but classmates always add me.

    And quite frankly, if yo don't talk to me in person, you don't need to know my business and you will get denied, lol.

  • I will sometimes if we at least know each other, even if we don't really speak because sometimes it can be useful if you have a question about a class and no one else you asked has the answer or is unattainable

  • I always add people on Facebook. Even people I just met.

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