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What Does The Fox Say? Anyone else find this song annoying?

I guess it's some kind of YouTube sensation, I didn't

know that until they had the group dance on dancing with the stars

and danced to this song. And, I got to hear it again tonight when

Ylvis (the guy or people) who sing it, sung it on the

show tonight. Anyway, I find this song EXTREMELY

irritating! It's really annoying and stupid in my opinion.

So, does anyone else find this song annoying?

And, for those of you who are lucky enough to have no

idea what I'm talking about lol. Here it is: link

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What Guys Said 11

  • Well the song was -meant- to be a joke.

    The guys who did it have a comedy show. This was to promote it.

    The thing that's really funny is that the prior season on their show had been about them trying to become pop stars with no luck, which was funny. Then they release the stupid (their words) fox song and become smash hits. they are as amazed as anyone else. Probably more so.

  • Oh yes. I don't understand what people like about it. I am sick of it. Makes no sense to me either. I think people have moved on though. Thank goodness.

  • It's infuriating! That's how I heard it too... had to mute the TV! lol

    • Haha. Why didn't I think of that? lol.

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    • Yeah, better to just tough it out. ;)

    • Yep : )

  • You watch dancing with the stars, but find the fox song annoying...

    • Yeah, I do. I like dancing, that's why I watch it. For the dances. What does my choice of television veiwing have to do with anything?

    • The fact that you watch TV that's supposed to be serious but is shitty, but have a problem with a song that's supposed to be a spoof

  • if it could be deleted, it should be

  • It was amusing the first time, after that, yes, very annoying.

  • I agree.

  • I rarely hear it but I think it's funny lol. If I heard it a lt I would hate it

  • Sounds like something idiots would enjoy.

  • Yes it's annoying, the fox says show me the car fax.

    • Haha. I've seen that commercial, that's funny lol.

    • : D

What Girls Said 10

  • Yes I hate it

  • I only heard it for the first time less than a week ago, but didn't see the video because it was on someone's phone across the room. It made me chuckle a little, but it was definitely irritating in that I couldn't get it out of my head for daaaays afterward, lol. =P I dunno, maybe it would make more sense and be less irritating if I actually watched the video. I'll get around to it eventually, haha.

  • Yes, it was good and funny at first but after hearing it 50 million times it's annoying lol


    • Me too lol.

  • Well, first when I heard it someone actually gave me a link to it in this very site and I was like WTF IS WRONG WITH HUMANITY. But I read a bit about it and it turns out those guys just made it for fun and it isn't meant to be serious and be the next Gagnam style or something. So it's kinda funny once you realize it's not meant to be just a song..Those guys are hilarious, they got other videos too.

  • Hate it. Absolutely hate it. Someone told me the singer was on an acid trip when he wrote the song. Not sure if it's true, but it sounds like he was on something when he wrote it. The song is stupid, there's no point to it... No one actually cares what a fox says

  • I just don't understand how shitty songs like that get played on the radio smh

    • Haha, me neither.

  • I found it funny at first but after everyone singing it lol it got old.

  • Haha I also watched it on Saturday Night Live, but the parody was a bit too much.
    The song is ok, but a little bit annoying.

  • hate it

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