In the movie called The Hunger Games?

I watched the hunger games and after I did I got confused. So who died ? And what happened at the end ?


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  • I LOVE the Hunger Games. How are you confused? Did you watch the whole movie?

    Have you seen the first one? If not, the second one can be confusing.

    If you're confused about the ending of the second one, Katniss ended the game by shooting an arrow connected with wire in the sky when lightning struck. This caused the arena to collapse and the game to end. Peeta got captured but they got Katniss out and she was unconscious. When she woke up, she found out that Peeta was captured and that this was the beginning of the revolution against the government.The creator of the game who initially seemed like he was on the President's side, was actually working for the side of the rebels who began rebelling against the President.

    Basically, they had planned the whole game and most of the tributes were in on it. However, they didn't tell Katniss or Peeta because the President was watching them and it was too risky to tell them the plan.

    Okay, that's pretty much the basics of what happened (if you are, in fact, talking about the second movie).

    • I did watch the second one.. Thank you so much. But how about the others ? The allies that were with Katniss? So is Peeta still alive? Does this mean the games aren't over?

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  • a lot of the questions you have are answered in the third book and will be addressed in the movie

    but in the last scene you see Finnick, Plutarch, Gale, and Haymitch. we see Beatie is in rocovery on the bed next to Katniss. We are told by plutarch that Peeta and Joanna are alive but being held by the capital. We know katniss' mom and sister were saved before the district was destroyed.

    Hopefully that answers the question. I don't want to give away things from the third book. but I would def recommend reading the books as they are infinitely superior to the movies (although the second movie was def better than the first). And I don't typically think people HAVE to read the books that get turned into movies

  • Haven't seen the second one yet, but my guess would be that many people are still hungry.

    Well at least it isn't about vampires and werewolves or zombies in love.

  • Watch it again...

  • i haven't seen the second one yet but I don't think I'll be confused. I saw the original. I'm glad I just stopped reading HoneyBee's post when she said "about the ending"


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  • Catching Fire: Cinna (beat in front of Katniss before the Quater Quell) Senecca Crane (dies before but is mentioned in the 2nd one), Mags (gives herself up in the QQ) Wiress (killed by a victor in the QQ)

    Mockingjay: Prim (when an exploding parachute lands in her hands) Finnick (killed by the Snow's mutts underground) Snow (killed unknown, either by chocking hilself while laughing or trampled, lol) Coin(killed by Katniss) Boggs (sets off a pod) Leeg one & Jackson (die by holding off the mutts underground), Leeg 2 (struck in the head by a dart) Homes (its not said but he died along Finnick and Castor by the mutts), Castor, Mitchell (Peeta pushes him off him and triggers a pod) Messalla (film assistant), Peeta's family (didnt make it out of 12), Madge and her family (didnt make it out either)

    Prim dies too due to a trap set out

  • Peeta is still alive, Haymitch came and saved Katniss and a few others from the games.

  • The young girl did