What's a guy's favorite color of hair and eyes on a girl?

what's a guy's favorite color of hair and eyes on a girl?


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  • My favorites are: black hair, brown eyes, and I must add, brown skin. For whatever reason, this combination somehow touches me as being perfectly beautiful..

  • I think blonde and blue eyes is the most beautiful

    • That sort of sounds like something Hitler would say

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    • Hitler breathed oxygen too, what a horrible idea

      seriously, it's just a preference, not an ideology, let's calm down about the nuremburg trial you got going here

  • Hair color = Hazel/Redhead (depends on period of life or mood, lol)

    Eye Color = Don't care

  • for me its not so much the color of hair and eyes as it is what they look like. I like straight hair and eyes that have that little wrinkle underneath, I don't know what its called.

  • Its hard to answer. I'm not sure that I base the beauty of eyes and hair on color. I'm attracted to a lot of Latina women and some African woman as well so brown eyes and black hair looks good. I also like green eyes and dark brown hair. Red hair and green eyes is really hot too

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  • well since other girls are saying what they have, I have [dyed] black hair and hazel eyes...which apparently look really good together.

  • well, since everyone is commenting on what they look like and what they like, l guess l will join the club!

    I have auburn hair with light blue eyes and find guys with longish brown hair and brown eyes.

  • I have dark brown hair with gray blue eyes with orange flecks in them haah = )

  • i have brown wavy/curly hair with medium-light brown eyes

  • I have coppery brown hair and yellow/hazel eyes.

    My favorite combo is blond with piercing blue eyes. Zing.

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