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What's a guy's favorite color of hair and eyes on a girl?

what's a guy's favorite color of hair and eyes on a girl?

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  • red hair with green eyes (mainly because it's very rare) but more relisticaly I like coal black hair.

  • Dark brown or black hair. And for eyes, brown or sometimes blue.

  • My favorites are: black hair, brown eyes, and I must add, brown skin. For whatever reason, this combination somehow touches me as being perfectly beautiful..

  • dark brown hair with either green eyes or light crystal blue eyes

  • Of all the girls I've met, I've been slightly attracted to brown hair and blue/gray eyes on a girl.

  • Doesn't matter... Really we don't care.

  • Its hard to answer. I'm not sure that I base the beauty of eyes and hair on color. I'm attracted to a lot of Latina women and some African woman as well so brown eyes and black hair looks good. I also like green eyes and dark brown hair. Red hair and green eyes is really hot too

  • Dark brown hair and deep brown eyes. best combination.

  • I like brunettes, and blondes, and dark reds. They eye color I'm not as picky...

  • My favorite would have to be either curly dark red or straight raven black hair and bright eyes; either green or clear, crystal blue. The contrast of eye color to hair color really draws your into the girl's eyes and her face. The red, bouncy curls are fun to play with, too.

  • Brown hair... brown eyes

  • red hair and green eyes

  • Brown hair and brown eyes

  • I think blonde and blue eyes is the most beautiful

    • That sort of sounds like something Hitler would say

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    • Hitler breathed oxygen too, what a horrible idea

      seriously, it's just a preference, not an ideology, let's calm down about the nuremburg trial you got going here

    • LOL!

  • My favorite combo is deep brown hair with blue eyes!

    • For the winn = )

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    • This is me when I don't dye my hair. interesting. For some reason, I always though guys liked blondes better with darker eyes.

    • Blond hair with blue eyes looks good, but there is something sultry about dark brown hair and blue eyes that gets me every time!!

  • Dark red hair, dichromic eyes, one green, one blue.

  • Blonde with brown eyes

    Haircolor doens't matter to me its all about hairstyle and I like that wavy style of hair. The hair with strands that look like licorice. also has to be long hair. Straight long hair is nice, by long I mean to the boobs.

  • for me its not so much the color of hair and eyes as it is what they look like. I like straight hair and eyes that have that little wrinkle underneath, I don't know what its called.

  • brunette with green or hazel eyes :D all I do know is I want that person I fall in love with to have eyes I can get lost in for dayz ;)

  • It all depends but I feel I am attractive to brunnetes with hazel/brown eyes

  • long black hair with blue eyes...i find this combo extremely attrative.

  • Blonde Hair with Blue Eyes or Brown Hair with Green eyes. (( The darker the brown the better. ))

    But I don't base a ton on hair color and eye color.

  • Blonde hair and Blue eyes

  • Dark or black hair and eyes an olive soft brown mix

  • Hair color = Hazel/Redhead (depends on period of life or mood, lol)

    Eye Color = Don't care

  • Brown all around! :P

  • It all depends in the guy. If he truly likes you it shouldn't matter.

    • She didn't ask how you pick your mate. She asked "favorite".

  • brunettes are so sexy. NATURAL blondes are too. green eyes.

  • I'm kinda crazy about heterochromic girls, so I'd have to say one green and one blue eye, with auburn/red hair.

  • I love red hair, or curly brown hair. And green or hazel eyes.

    • Your the only one who even mentioned red hair. thanks, at least there is someone out there that likes red heads!!!

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What Girls Said 10

  • well, since everyone is commenting on what they look like and what they like, l guess l will join the club!

    I have auburn hair with light blue eyes and find guys with longish brown hair and brown eyes.

  • I have coppery brown hair and yellow/hazel eyes.

    My favorite combo is blond with piercing blue eyes. Zing.

  • well since other girls are saying what they have, I have [dyed] black hair and hazel eyes...which apparently look really good together.

  • I have dark brown hair with gray blue eyes with orange flecks in them haah = )

  • i have brown wavy/curly hair with medium-light brown eyes

  • I Love Dark Brown Hair and Big Chocolate Brown Eyes!

  • My natural hair color is brown, but I dye it black and I have hazel eyes :]

    For guys, I think that black hair and blue eyes is extremely attractive, but I just like dark hair anyways mostly.

    In the end of course though, it's not about looks.

  • i have brown and blonde hair and brown green eyes

    • How is it possible to have green and brown eyes at the same time?

  • I have red hair and green eyes. I love guys with jet black hair and ice blue eyes,

    • I have red hair too, and you know what is sad, only one guy said they like the red hair...where does that leave us?!!

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    • Don't mean to depress you, but I heard a rumor that redheads may be extinct before the next century begins. It will just be blondes and brunettes afterward. Those Irish better start populating the Earth more with them or it may turn out to be true lol.

    • Redheads are my favorite kind of women!

  • i am just going to say something so the guys have something to read

    i am a brunnette and I have dark brown eyes

    i like guys how has the same hair color and eyes as me

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