He told me to leave him alone..What does this mean and for how long??

I met this guy in October as only a "sexual" relationship.Eventually I started to develop feelings for him.I told him that I cared/had feelings for him.He told me he likes me but does not want a relationship.I'm not sure why he said that as I never asked him to date me and another piece of this... Show More

Ouch hurts, but I guess know I now..Funny though because this guy knew that I had a boyfriend and I told him NUMEROUS times that I didn't want a relationship from him neither.I just cared for him..Also he is a nice guy and to end it like this, hurts...
Hi all..Thanks for all your advice..To wait a couple more months and then to write him a simple "how are you"?, would that be so bad? I know in the bottom of my heart, he ended this because he was hurt, not because he didn't like me..

Most Helpful Girl

  • Don't contact him any further! You did not do anything wrong..it started out as a sexual relationship and that's all he sees it as. Men can have sex without any feelings, unlike us women. We normally develop feelings after awhile. I can tell you that if you hadn't told him how you felt he would have just continued to have sex with you and that's all. Do not e-mail him and forget about him. If you tell a guy who isn't in it for a relationship that you have feeligns for him they will BOLT, and that's exactly what he did. More likely than not he will pop up again within the next few weeks(sometimes months) to see what's up and if your busy, DO NOT FALL FOR IT! Those feelings that you have for him will come rushing back. From nowt on do not have sexual relationships with any new men because it never works. I noticed having sexual relationships with ex's are the only ones that actaully do. For some reason if your fully over the person in the emotional aspect than you can take it and leave it more easily then you would someone new. DO NOT SEND HIM AN E-MAIL NOW OR 3 MONTH FROM NOW! If he wants to get in contact with you he has your number and your e-mail. Trust me, when guys want something they will chase it. Do not make yourself seem anymore needy, its the #1 turn off in guys.