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Will Jimmy Fallon be a good host for the Tonight Show?

Well, last night was Jay Leno's last night on the Tonight Show after 22yrs. And, Jimmy Fallon is now taking over the Tonight Show, so do you think... Show More

  • Vote A Yes. He's hilarious.
  • Vote B No. I'll miss Leno.
  • Vote C I don't care.
  • Vote D I would have picked someone else.
  • Vote E Leno will be back in 6 months

Most Helpful Opinion

  • It's always tough on the new guy. Leno struggled at first, especially after replacing Johnny Carson. IIRC, his interview with Hugh Grant was the turning point (where Grant apologized for getting arrested for lewd conduct with a prostitute in LA). I expect that Jimmy Fallon will struggle a bit at first because he's young--and he's not Jay Leno. The new guy always goes through this. A lot of the people who watch the Tonight Show are older, and they have grown accustomed to the same host for 20+ years. Conan found that out--but Conan was also too wacky for mainstream America. He had those goofy body gestures and inside jokes that didn't mean anything to anybody who hadn't watched his shows for years. Fallon has a much better chance at succeeding than Conan did, but it may come down to a sensational interview that impresses the nation, like what happened with Leno (and it was just luck that Grant was scheduled to appear on the Tonight Show the week after his arrest). Making people laugh and getting people to identify with you are the key points for making it. Fallon can be funny, but I'm not sure he is a great standup comedian. However, he is likeable so he stands a chance...

What Guys Said 16

  • I feel Fallon is a great choice for a replacement; he's charismatic, he's entertaining overall and his energy will give the show more viewers of younger demographics.

    Who would be a better replacement for Leno than Fallon?

  • I like how free-form Fallon's show is. And it was definitely time for Leno to step aside. I like the guy, but he doesn't really keep it fresh.

  • I think it is similar to people who hate Leno because he is not Carson, many people feel That the first host they knew is the real one. That being said I think Fallon should be okay, even though Leno was great. I think this transition between hosts will be better.

  • He's very talented, but a bit quirky as compared to his predecessors who were both more tailored to the mainstream and thus commanded broad appeal. Of course, Fallon will be coached and prodded to expand his appeal, and he's probably up to the task. Certainly more so than Toejam O'Brien.

  • I don't like either of them. I'm a Craig Ferguson man myself.

  • I will miss Leno..but Fallon will be great!

  • Not near as good as Leno

  • I will truly miss Jay...he had a great talent. That said, I think Jimmy will do great and will stay ahead of Letterman in ratings.

  • Fallon will be great! Both Johnny Carson was Jack Paar were great. IMO Jay Leno never had "IT". Yes he was good and appealed to a lot of people, but he just didn't have the natural with and humor to be truly funny. HE thought he was funny, which was apparent in his early years of stand-up. And I though that made him not funny as a comedian. His presentation and timing was just never honed like the greats.

    Jimmy Fallon struggled as a single performer on SNL when he first started Weekend Update, but quickly came into his own. He is truly natually funny just like Jack Paar and Johnny Carson were. He's quick witted and doesn't look to the audience for a laugh with each joke. He's just down to earth, likable, and hilarious. He'll be better than Leno.

  • He's a damn sight better than Leno

  • I think he will be a great host, I like him a lot and he reminds me of Johnny Carson in some ways.

    • Considering how things went down when he replaced Carson, and how things went down when he was supposed to leave, but instead forced his way back, and kicked Conan out of his position as host of the tonight show, I seriously don't think this is the last of Leno. The guy is notoriously underhanded, and petty. He'll be back, somehow.

  • I have no idea who that is

  • I hate that guy.

    Justin Timberlake's SNL Jimmy Fallon impression >>>

    In front of Jimmy Fallon >>>


    • Impersonation*

  • i think he'll be great personally

  • I've never liked Jimmy Fallon as an actor; not that he's a bad actor. I just find a bad vibe from him. Whereas if he'll be a good host or not, only time will tell (and even then some will be for him and others against)

    But I agree with one that said he preferred Craig Ferguson - and I most definitely agree link

What Girls Said 11

  • Yes, I think so. I like all of the late night TV







    I'm just okay with all of them.

  • I like Leno better. I think he'd be back :)

  • Jimmy Fallon is fucking amazing. Hell yes he will be a good host, just like he has been

  • I don't know, I think there could be mixed reviews.

  • They both have their charm. But I will miss Leno, he is a Chicago boy, so he has a place in my heart <3 :)

  • No he sucks. It's going to tank. I know that they already tried Conan and it bombed but they should try again because he's the funniest talk show host out there. If not him then Jimmy Kimmel because he's at least a tiny bit funnier than Fallon. God Fallon sucks...

  • No, I don't think Jimmy Fallon is funny or entertaining... I didn't when he was on SNL screwing up every skit either, haha!

    I couldn't believe he got his own show to begin with, so the fact that he's taking over for Leno is even more unbelievable to me. If NBC is THAT stupid, so be it. Oh well. They got another bad SNLer to take his time slot... boring, haha!

    • i didn't think Leno was funny anyway. Jimmy isn't particularly funny, either. I could do without any of them. It'd be nice if they could pick somebody genuinely entertaining, but who? Ehh... anyway, no I don't think Fallon would be a good choice. I'm with you, Sparrow.

    • I didn't think Leno was that funny either, but he was fairly charming and I generally enjoyed watching the show, for the most part. Most of all though, he was a household name... Fallon? Not so much, haha!

  • I do like Jimmy Fallon a little bit but I don't think he's particularly funny. If anything he always seems like he feels awkward and nervous... at least he's nice to look at, I guess? I think he'll make an alright host, I probably won't watch very much if at all, though.

  • I personally love Jimmy Fallon so I can't wait to see what he does on the Tonight Show. I'm also really looking forward to seeing Seth Meyers as the host of Late Night. I like him a lot too.

  • all I know is I hate seth meyers replacing jimmy..hes so annoying..but maybe snl will start being funny again now that he's of off of it..lol

  • No. Because he is not funny.

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