Will Jimmy Fallon be a good host for the Tonight Show?

Well, last night was Jay Leno's last night on the Tonight

Show after 22yrs. And, Jimmy Fallon is now taking over

the Tonight Show, so do you think he'll be a good host?

P.S. This is a poll question they asked on MSN, so I thought

I'd ask it here.

  • Vote A Yes. He's hilarious.
  • Vote B No. I'll miss Leno.
  • Vote C I don't care.
  • Vote D I would have picked someone else.
  • Vote E Leno will be back in 6 months
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Most Helpful Guy

  • It's always tough on the new guy. Leno struggled at first, especially after replacing Johnny Carson. IIRC, his interview with Hugh Grant was the turning point (where Grant apologized for getting arrested for lewd conduct with a prostitute in LA). I expect that Jimmy Fallon will struggle a bit at first because he's young--and he's not Jay Leno. The new guy always goes through this. A lot of the people who watch the Tonight Show are older, and they have grown accustomed to the same host for 20+ years. Conan found that out--but Conan was also too wacky for mainstream America. He had those goofy body gestures and inside jokes that didn't mean anything to anybody who hadn't watched his shows for years. Fallon has a much better chance at succeeding than Conan did, but it may come down to a sensational interview that impresses the nation, like what happened with Leno (and it was just luck that Grant was scheduled to appear on the Tonight Show the week after his arrest). Making people laugh and getting people to identify with you are the key points for making it. Fallon can be funny, but I'm not sure he is a great standup comedian. However, he is likeable so he stands a chance...