Is my co-worker giving me subtle signs that he's interested or is he just being nice?

Major eye contact. Bedroom eyes. We've held eye contact for the full length of the hall and as we passed he said "hello and how are you?" Sometimes will lift his head from the side, make deep eye contact and give me a little smile (mouth closed). He gets nervous when I'm around and barely... Show More

I work in health care, he's a dr. and I'm a nurse ;)

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  • I like the way you have described in the last line. :-) And I am liking the term eye-f***ing, I haven't heard it before! :-) Guys do you come while doing the eye-f***ing ?! ... :-D

    Don't you have a boyfriend already, lady?

    I would agree with the rest, do you like him? Even if all this eye-f***ing hadn't been going on? Make the move, I'd say! I am feeling lucky for the guy, he'll be very happy, may be relieved as well ...