Is my co-worker giving me subtle signs that he's interested or is he just being nice?

Major eye contact. Bedroom eyes.

We've held eye contact for the full length of the hall and as we passed he said "hello and how are you?"

Sometimes will lift his head from the side, make deep eye contact and give me a little smile (mouth closed).

He gets nervous when I'm around and barely speaks.

His face turns red when I am around him.

He fixes his hair - runs his hands through his hair when I'm near.

there are other things too but this has been going on for a year. we work in very professional jobs.

It's like we've been eye f***ing for a year now and I want to stop the games and get naked already but he hasn't made a move except for all the body language!

I work in health care, he's a dr. and I'm a nurse ;)


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  • I like the way you have described in the last line. :-) And I am liking the term eye-f***ing, I haven't heard it before! :-) Guys do you come while doing the eye-f***ing ?! ... :-D

    Don't you have a boyfriend already, lady?

    I would agree with the rest, do you like him? Even if all this eye-f***ing hadn't been going on? Make the move, I'd say! I am feeling lucky for the guy, he'll be very happy, may be relieved as well ...


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  • And he won't. Considering the prevalence of sexual harrassment in business, plus the potential fallout from a bad breakup, he is probably very nervous about starting anything up. You will need to be the aggressor. Just don't be too flagrant about it or you might put him off. Just ask him to dinner instead of lunch some time.

  • You serious? I'd say 99% yes. Especially because of the eye-fukin. Not that the other stuff you mentioned is bad, but just he EC alone pretty much seals it.

    Actually, of the other stuff you mentioned, what's important is that its obvious that you attract him on so much that he can't do the first move.

    So yah, the redness in the face pretty much seals the reason why he hasn't made a move. You're putting him in paralysis girl :) Just go ahead and do it.

  • You make a move.

    He can not make a move due to all the work place rules.

    Joke around with him and flirt. Tell him"Aren't you going to ask me out ... for coffee?"

  • probably you make a move first, because us guys are SCARED to make a move in the work place... You just DONT MAKE A MOVE ON ANYBODY!

  • guys like to be asked out too

  • He is obviously interested. In this case YOU should make the first move. Reason being is that it's the work place. It's much easier for a guy to get in trouble and or fired for possible sexual harassment. Go for him if you're interested.

  • talk to him first then if you see he's interested ask him out. just like everybody else said, some guys are afraid of getting in trouble or even worst get fired because the sexual harassment ..

  • sounds like he's into you but working together makes the situation difficult. maybe he's just really shy but also maybe he doesn't want drama at the work place. also some guys need MAJOR signals from a woman in order to make a move.

  • make the move.

    i'm sure he is feeling you.


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  • These questions always make me giggle. If you like him take the initiative and ask him to lunch or something.

    • I know right. I'm sorry, was married for awhile and not sure now....

  • I agree with the guys. He may be worried that he might be slapped with sexual harassment. If you want him badly enough make a move. If you could answer my question that would be great too.

  • u know I don't get why everyone asks these kinds of questions...when the answer is simple:

    If you like him, ask him out.