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National Animals Of 10 Different Countries

United States of America Bald eagle American bison England Barbary lion Scotland Unicorn New Zealand Kiwi Australia Red kangaroo Emu India Bengal tiger Indian Peacock The Netherlands Black-tailed god-wit Lion...


Some experienced words of wisdom...

I wanted to share some life lessons I learned the hard way in the hopes that others can perhaps take them to heart. Perhaps it'll inspire you. These are opinionated, true, and your mileage may vary... so take them with a...


An open letter to the one term President

Dear Trump, You WILL be a one term president, right no I'm going to point out why. First you claim that people like you, we don't, in fact you already have the lowest approval ratings in history. Most Americans think you...


Why I'm Proud To Be An American

1. Immigration As of 2015, the United States has a net migration rate that is higher than Finland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Greece, Denmark, the Netherlands, Russia, Croatia, Hungary, Germany, France,...


MGTOW was created by women

There seems to be a lot of criticism of MGTOW, so I would like to explain why MGTOW is logical and why it is needed. A lot of people claim that men who are MGTOW are angry and bitter because they can't get a woman. I do...


What it's like being a body purist

Hey, everybody! It's everyone's favourite egalitarian psychologist! One thing, a lot of you don't know is that I'm a body purist. Don't know what that is? That's because not many people do! Allow me to explain. A body...


Introvert Survival Techniques

Extroverts tend to be very challenged by the thought that someone could be an introvert. Our whole lives its been hammered into our brains that survival is a social thing. Of course in order to meet friends, date,...


QOTW 4 Answered: Mental Illnesses

So sorry for the late post, I meant to do this Sunday/Monday but I got really busy cause of finals and such. Lots of stress and not much of sleep haha. So, here’re the top 8 answers from each guys and girls on mental...


Public Healthcare, the Christian Right's Moral Failure, and Jesus' teachings.

Let me start this MyTake by saying that, although I use the teachings of Jesus in this MyTake, His teachings related to our obligation to care for others are echoed in all the religions that I am aware of. It is only my...


Martin Luther King III Meets With President Trump On The Day That Celebrates What His Father Stood For. Democrats In Full Panic Mode.

Who did President Trump choose to meet with on Martin Luther King Day? Jessie Jackson? Al Sharpton maybe? Members of the Democrat's Congressional Black Caucus who are boycotting democracy and refusing to attend a United...


Democrats/Liberals Practice The *OPPOSITE* Of What Martin Luther King Preached

EVERYTHING Democrats/Liberals do today judges people by the color of their skin and NOT the content of their character. EVERYTHING is about skin color to them. This is precisely the OPPOSITE of the message of Martin...


8 Countries That Have Utilized or Still Utilize the German Stahlhelm and Other Prussian Traditions

A lot of people will recognize the military helmet known as the "stahlhelm"(Steel helmet), those that don't know too much of its history will gasp in horror and say "oh yeah, that's the Nazi helmet". Well they are wrong,...


Why We Live in a Paranoid World

(joking on the trump part) Sorry for the pompous title but when John the Baptist was scolding his crowd he was being very direct and straightforward, exposing their wrong doings publically, which resulted in the queen...


21st Century America and Civil Rights. What differs today from yesterday

Today we honor an American icon. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. We honor this mans accomplishments with the civil rights movement. But, within this movement, within the past 8 years with an African-American President who was...


Madonna looking vulnerable in a way I've never seen.

Wow look at her body language, the respect she must hold for our president. She truly does look like a school girl in this picture meeting one of her heros. This brought tears to my eyes and reminded me why it isn't a...


Reason to Live: Helping Others

No one is worthless. Everyone has the potential to make a positive impact, via work, volunteering, activism, or even simply being nice and friendly to people. Studies show that being nice to people helps make you happier....


5 Things Only American GAG Users Can Understand

Us Americans may not agree on everything all the time, but when it comes to gag. I think we can all agree that there are some things that only American gag users deal with. 1. Having our nationality used as an insult...


Public Places Behaviors I Just Hate

All of us have certain things that drive us crazy. Here are the people with certain behaviors that I totally hate: 1. The walking texters who can't even raise their eyes to see if the way is clear ahead. 2. The loud phone...


Obama's True Legacy

Obama said, “I learned that change only happens when ordinary people get involved, get engaged, and come together to demand it. After eight years as your president, I still believe that.” Really? That’s odd. His signature...


Why as a Man with Leftist Values, I Hate the Modern Left

A little background. I grew up in a largely fascist town. And I don't mean "fascist" in a mocking sense, but were literally 7 families out of 10 have various pictures of Mussolini all over their houses and stores, who are...


Why the Aesthetic of an Older Man Is Socially More Acceptable than the Older Woman

When we see a middle-aged woman and compare her to the middle-aged man we're socially programmed to see the imperfections the woman has - all of them, no matter how small are magnified on the female gender. The male...


Dubai in 1991 vs 2017

From the above picture showing Dubai in 1991 (left) and Dubai in 2017 (right), the two pictures just show/tell us the different between developed and undeveloped Dubai. Development is really a good thing. But the lesson...


The Real Reason Democrats Despise President Trump... It's Not What You Think

Democrats don't like truth. It defeats them. Take for example the presidential election just concluded. As long as the public didn't know the truth, the Democrats figured they had a good chance. As long as Hillary Clinton...


Who are we? What are we? Do we think on our own or are we swayed by friends or society in making decisions on anything?

You.. Yes you. You are an individual. You wake up in the morning, do what you got to do in the morning And you got your friends people who stand by you with your decisions and what you want to accomplish in life. But do...


Men Vs. Women with 10 Pictures

1. Making friends 2. Hairdresser 3. Complimenting 4. Getting ready to go out 5. Naming the colours 6. Choosing shampoo 7. Going on vacation 8. Falling in love 9. Taking picture 10. Getting fit


Gun Control - Let's Shed Some Light on This Polarizing Topic

I have been considering writing this take for some time now, but a recent ridiculous manipulation of the laws by the RCMP combined with the constant demonization of this segment of society has pushed me to get off my ass...


The Hypocrisy on Both Sides of the Political Spectrum

The election is finally over. Thank god. At least for me, I have mended relationships with people who voted differently. One saying that is being thrown is that we need together. That's definitely not happening. People...


Can a change do you good?

Happy New Yesr y'all wanted a change.... y'all got your change... And here is the swamp monsters.. Now who are the major power players and questionable players.... Jeff...


Tips to Help You Beat Procrastination and Keep Your New Year's Resolutions - Part 3

Alright, this is the last part in my series of takes. Here are the links to parts 1 and 2 if you missed them:...


4 Ways to Overcome Shyness

Do you feel like invisible? Is it hard to start a conversation? Don't worry, it is quite common thing. You are not alone. The important thing is to recognize it. If you are aware of it then you can get rid of it! Here are...


QOTW 3 Answered: Animals Above Humans

#QOTW So I asked you guys if you believed animals to be better than people and why. I got some mixed answers, and some smartasses. Here are the top 10 from guys and girls. Guy #1 @Unit1 aged 22: “Humans have dominated the...


Get Rid of These 5 Things in 2017

A lot of people either felt like or really did have a terrible year in 2016. Now a fresh year is upon us, and it's time to start this year on a better foot by taking out the trash in our lives and deciding we want to...


Tips to Help You Beat Procrastination and Keep Your New Year's Resolutions - Part 2

Alright, 6 days into the new year. How many of you have kept your resolutions so far? Hold in there - here are a few more tips to help you. 7. Gamify Averse Tasks Making a game or competition out of boring chores can help...


The Truth About Money

Money plays a very important role in our lives and most of us wouldn't be able to survive without it. We also like to think that money has value which is only partly true. In reality money has no intrinsic or inherent...



1. You will miss out on many things in life You may have met that special someone had you gotten dressed and went to that party, instead of laying on your couch. You could you have enjoyed your summer instead of attending...


What Being Gay in Russia Looks Like

Why does everyone lose their mind when you say something bad about Russia? Nobody bats an eye if you point out the bad parts about Saudi Arabia. We cannot hide from the truth just because we like one country over the...


Why You Should Learn a Foreign Language

Foreign Languages Nowadays, we live in a world where media and communication are essential. A lot of communication happens through the internet. Learning a foreign language will make you smarter and improve your memory....


The Four Stages of Youth

In order to keep this short and make it acceptable for this site I skipped the 1-4 stage, 5-9 year old stage and the 10-14 year old stage, Since most users on are fit from the 16-34 age bracket. The Stage of Discovery...


How society makes a difference in how police handles different situations

It's not a secret that the US police has been a "little too rough" lately, and it has spilled a lot of controversy. A black teen getting lethaly shot, an unarmed robber getting lethaly shot, a homeless person with a blade...


Jazz: The Minimalist Movement that Changed Music. A Brief History of Jazz, Its Modern Talent and How to Appreciate it. Part One: 1915-1948

Yes, It's probably a style that hasn't crossed your mind very often. It is seldom heard on the radio, its Grammy's are all but ignored and, yes, it can be a difficult music to understand. It is important to understand...