Girls, is having sex with your second guy a big thing?

OK basically I'm a pretty good looking virgin guy looking for a relationship but all the girls I know have already lost their virginity and I sort of feel as if I'm getting leftovers for my first time if I go for them. I want it to be special for them too.

Is it a big thing having sex with the second guy or a virgin?


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    Any sex in general is a big deal for me because I prefer to not be a slut but the second guy is not as big as the first but it still matters like I said unless the girls a slut!

  • my first guy was just a one night stand, my second guy is my boyfriend of four years =)

  • well two virgins that have sex together stay together. But their is nothing wrong with it if you are ready. ya its almost as big as the first just as important but she will be a lot less shy so it is actually better.

  • Yea just relax. if ur worried about having sex with a girl that's not a virgin yet not a whore, think of it as she's all ready for u. it would be pleasurable for the both of you instead of it hurting the girl.

  • Dude, you're thinking too much about it.

    Just go with what feels right.

    You're going to meet lots of people in life, and you probably won't remember what they did or said but you'll always remember how they made you feel.

    Just be smart, use protection and enjoy yourselves : )

    • Thanks man really helped me clear my head!