Why does sex with a virgin feel so good to guys?

and what kind of words do you like a virgin girl to say you?


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    Well when me and my guy had sex for the first time I was a virgin and he wasn't. He LOVED it actually.

    Part of why he loved it so much (personally) was because he had this fantasy to "teach a newbie" (for lack of better words) He wanted to show soemone the ropes. it was a sexual fantasy for him to have a virgin. lol

    But I think in general, the tighter p**** they get with the virgins is a lot better...The tighter the whole, the better for them.

    At least I know just from my experience, but that just makes sense for an in general comment. A virgin vagina is tight(really tight) and guys like tight feelings for thier cock...So yeah...

    As far as things to say...I kept asking him what he wanted me to do...and what I wanted him to show me...and agree with Danalane, tell you want him inside you, this will work for times to come wheneer you want to get him in the mood! :D

    Good luck!

  • My guy and I were both virgins and I was veryyy tight and it pulled on his skin and he said it was very painful for him too. We have had sex only 3 times and each time it did the same thing. We like fooling around and he always gets hard when I tell him that I'm horny. That's like the main thing that does it.

  • cause some guys are pigs and think its awesome to be a girls first . but I would have to say it is because virgins are tighter than "slutty" girls

  • well guys like that also because the tight feeling of the girls vag. it grips around his d*ck and puts a little pressure which can feel good to them

  • i think its just the fact that their taking ur virginity

  • I know I'm not a guy but I know it drives them CRAZY when a girl says "I want you inside of me." Lol hope this was helpful.

    • What a d*** move 'broken love michelle'. I'd be p*sssed it someone did that to me! Yeah and guys why no comment?

    • LMAO guys y "no comment"

    • I always say that to my bf, just to start something. or when I'm bored, it p*sses him off. because he'll be hardd and ya..and it turns out I'm not hornyy at all. oh well, guys.

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  • Several reasons

    Ego: Most guys like to keep score

    Tightness: Guys find virgin vaginas appealing for the same reason experienced women often like large penises. The tightness of the fit

    Sadism: Some guys get off on the fear in the girls eyes, the way she tenses up, the high pitched whimper when the hymen tears...etc. I've heard many girls say that their first really pounded into them hard, and didn't seem to care that they were in pain, or were so focussed on their own gratification that they ignored the girls cries and screams and kept pounding hard. I think they were getting turned on by those screams and were deliberately going hard for that purpose

  • My girlfriend was virgin when we had it fist time, and it was a real worked around job, to make it in she was very-very tight (she was nervous even of course +2-3 to tightness) and of course it hurt for her a bit by going in so I had to make it as slowly as possible, while comforting her with my hands and words. But in the same time keep up the interest down there too by not overconcentrating. Luckily we didn't have bleeding problem, and about 6-10 times later she will surely gets used to it inside. The muscle learns to be flexible. Of course when we're away for a week or so she gets tighter, but by some fingering and some teasing it gets perfect.

    In overall I had ego boost and it was good to be the first one who showed her a good first experiences that she can build up in the future.

    • first time* sorry for mispelling lol :p

  • ego boost

  • it is not about how it feels.. usually guys don't even like it the first time they have sex with a virgin because it's slow and they have to be careful, and it usually involves a lot of cuddling after... but it does give a feeling of superiority, and usually it's really easy to get with that girl again and again and again, so it creates a backup. other than that, everything else is bullsh*t. it makes us feels special. it's an ego boost.

  • Just heavy breathing eye contact and lots of OMG softly and Obaby softly.

  • I wouldn't know because I'm 22 and still a virgin, never even had a girlfriend before, not because I'm gay it's just because I never knew how to get a girlfriend, yes I know people say "you have to talk to them", well it's easier said than done, knowing how to do something is half the battle while the other half is going out there and doing it, for me, I don't know how.

  • cause their tight and inexperienced and if the guy is good, and if he truly likes the girl, the girl will want more, maybe a relationship. some girls don't like sex because their past experience with sex is terrible. that's why guys need to learn how to do it right ;)

  • There are a lot of posts like this. But it's simple.

    "Haha... Other guys... I got her first!' woohoo...

  • The short answer...it doesn't ...Breaking a hymen that is as resistant to penetration as my one experience was...was traumatic as hell for both of us...She was in pain...she had some bleeding, enough to get on the pillow that I had put under her hips...and it was somewhat painful to me, with the amount of pressure I had to put with my penis...at one point I had the weight of my hips on my penis and against her hyman...In retrospect...she should have had the hymen stretched or cut by her Gynecologist, but then that would have been a let down to my then fragile "male ego" .

    I can only compare the anticipation with what most guys feel in anticipating their first anal intercourse experience...


  • This is news to me. Of course many guys have never encountered a virgin to begin with.

    Where did you hear this legend?

  • to be the first to enter a girl would be a great feeling

  • most amazing thing ever, emotionally (IF you care about the girl) and physically...

  • I don't know (cus I'm a virgin too). But I'm not planning on losing my vcard to someone without a vcard.

  • sex with a virgin is the most uncomfortable thing I ever experienced. Never will do that again as long as I live but don't matter I'm not daing anymore. I hate virgins

    • Yeah same with me. My guy was very experienced and I had NONE lol. I guess it depends on the person

    • My guy loved his first experience with a virgin!!! He was rather experienced!!!