How can I tell if my vagina is tight?

I'm a virgin and I've never put anything in there in fear of pain. However I do kegel exercises even though I'm still a virgin. Whenever I do decide to have sex I want to be good, so I watch a lot of p*rn and have learned some moves to do whenever I do have sex. However I'm still too scared to put anything in there. How do I tell if my vagina is tight or not. What constitutes a tight vagina?

I heard some vagina's were just naturally looser or tighter than others, but I want mine to be really tight so I can make a guy come hard.


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  • First of all p*rn will only mess your view of sex's a very harsh & overdone view of sex...also, I mean honestly you should buy 3 sizes of tampons & see which one fits best. but hun don't worry about it once you do have sex, it will feel natural & you won't be thinking about how "tight or loose" your vagina is.

    • depends on the p*rn

    • i've never used tampons, always pads.

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    "How can I tell if my vagina is tight?" Well, I suppose you could try to insert different sizes of dildos. The one that just too tight will let you know what you can 'take in". However, if I'm not mistaken, you will 'loosen up' as time goes by and the number of partners you 'let inside'. You'll only discover what you, as the virgin, can 'handle' at the moment. You might discover you're going need a guy with a 1" erected girth (which doesn't exist) if you're trying to avoid the pain of a broken hymen.

    "What constitutes a tight vagina?" That's when the guy can almost feel the ridges of the inside of your vagina.

    No matter how much p*rn you watch and how many notes you take about what you saw, it will never prepare you for the real thing.

    •'re not the first virgin or the last to think that. I couldn't wait to get rid of my virginity either.

    • i hate this! why do girls have hymen's anyway. I just want to get it over with.

    • Sweetie, no guy has an erected penis that small. You're hymen will break in either two ways. A guy with normal girth or you break it yourself. You may want to do the latter because it seems most guys want to see you scream with pain for your first time.

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  • It's not so much how "tight" it is. The vagina is capable of delivering an 8# baby after all. It's going to be more of a question of lubrication. The first time, you probably won't have enough natural lubrication because you will be nervous instead of horny. Make sure you have some KY or other odorless, colorless non-harmful lube. You are worry about something that won't be a problem. The best way to tell would be with a dildo or vibrator. That would give you a much better idea than any amount of talk can. It will also tech you where you find stimulation pleasant. Have fun and good luck.

  • Lol, you really don't need to worry, just make sure the guy you give your virginity to really respects you and wants to make your first time as comfertable as possible. You sound extremely tight but please don't use p*rn as a gage for how real sex will be like. It will be far different

    • not sure if your still seeking replies for this answer but anyhow that is why the build up to sex is most important, make sure the guy is into giving lots of oral first so your as relaxed and wet as possible before you even get near to having sex. than it would be much easier to eventually get in with less pain

    • i want too, but it hurts when I stick stuff in.

    • Lol, I can see your a freak in the making. I am sure you could do that haha

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  • why are you afraid to put stuff in it?

    • i was thinking 1000.00 or more some even sell theirs for up to 1,000,000

    • How much are you going to charge for the honor of taking your virginity? If you're going to sell it, make sure it's a fitting charge like $700.00. You're not the first girl to sell her virginity.

    • nothing's wrong with it, but I come on here to help people with real problems.

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  • The only way is to see how many fingers you can insert into your pusse. Don't be scared of slowly putting a finger in it, its not gonna hurt, just try it.

    Also experience is everything when it comes to being good at sexing, so more or less the 'moves' you do while watching p*rn arnt gonna mae you any better at sex.

    • i like your style lol

    • how is it different from working a d***? I usually bounce my ass on it (really fast) for a good few minutes while squeezing my vagina to make it tighter, all the while talking very dirty.

      afterwards I practice sucking d***, with a popsicle, although I can only get 5 inches down my throat. I know not to use teeth and that to give the most pleasure who have to suck the balls and focus on the tip of the penis, and make sure it's very wet. lick all over it and deep throat as much as you can.

    • lol that's nothing compared to the real thing

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