Does it mean she likes me?

When you tell a girl you'll call her later and she says Ill be waiting does it mean she likes you

Well she wanted me to call her earlier but.I wasn't home and I was busy so I told her I would call her later tonight

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    Umm yes obviously. That means she's waiting to talk to you. If a girl doesn't like a guy she's not gonna say "ill be waiting" unless she's trying to be nice but still.. why would a girl WAIT for a guy she doesn't like? lol

    thats like saying "alright I wanna talk to you hope to talk to you again" she probably likes you but it's not good to jump to conclusions yet

    Call her and talk to her.. and eventually you'll find out if she like likes you or not

  • Not necessarily, sometimes people just say that, I've said it to numerous people in the past, doesn't mean I like them.

  • I can't tell you if she likes you or not, I can tell you she's flirting though. You don't HAVE to like someone to flirt with them, flirting can sometimes just be for fun. Still, it's a good sign.

  • That depends on what your story is. Are you friends, dating, lovers?

    I'd say she likes you unless you are really good friends then it just means she looks forward to hearing from you

    • Girls can be vicious so be careful and be sure she is interested before anything you try anything :)

    • We are friends not close friends just friends

  • i think she likes you because I wouldn't look forward for a call from someone I have no interest in but to be sure look for other hints

  • No it simply means shell b waiting for your call so don't keep her waiting and never call

  • Quite possibly.

  • Yes she probably does like you. Please make sure you actually call her, because I remember the feeling of waiting for a guy I liked to call me when he said he would and it would drive me crazy if he waited until the next day or whatever. Even if you can't talk long still make the effort and call and it will calm both of your nerves by the time you finish talking. Good luck to you, you sound like a nice guy.

  • can be or can't be. it's a little ambiguous.

  • Yes! It's a flirty way of say OK. She's waiting for you. She obvious likes you. She won't say "I'll be waiting" to a guy she doesn't like

  • Totally lol

  • yes.

  • Ummmmm yeah!

  • what did she say...exactly? because if she said...'i'll be wainting!' then yeah...she def. likes u. I don't stay by the phone and check my fb, Skype, twitter, tumblr, kik, bbm, bebo, myspace,aol, yahoo,gmail,hotmail,and malbox for no friend...just so yah know.

    she HAS tuh like u.

  • Yeah she does!

  • Defiantly... she likes you... a little obsessed

  • If it was me, yes.

  • No she hates you...this is a dumb question...why would you ask this?!

    • Lmao

    • this site is all about people being able to ask what's going on in their brain.


  • Sounds like it

  • Yes, but be careful then, because sometimes the creepers are the ones who say that lol.

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  • C'mon guru you should know this means she really enjoys talking to you and its very possible

  • no/ maybe yes. not all the time may be she just likes talking to you . its still a good sign to keep talking to her but don't force it to happend just let it happend if it does