Why are girls bitchy? Why aren't guys bitchy?

If I hang out with guys everything is great. That's because there are no male drama queens out there. Guys aren't bitchy at all. In fact, they don't even know hot to act like a bitch. Why can't girls be like that?


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    Hmm. Actually, I think your question is quite correct. Women hate being called a bitch or bitchy because it just sounds mean. But, you are asking why we nag, or get upset or angry easily, and it's perfectly ok to ask that :)

    I think it's because *most* women want you to know how their feeling and to do something about it. In most experiences, we've learned that just saying "Hey, this is how I feel" just doesn't get the job done, so we *act* on it instead and emphasize it to make you notice more.

    We also get pregnant (which will be the worse time to see a woman bitchy...just as my husband haha) and we have that time of the month. During both those periods, our horomones are going crazy and we don't always know why we act the way we do either. Right now, there are times I want to bash my head into a wall I'm so irritated, and I'll be at home alone just doing housework or something and I really have nothing to be irritated about. But my hormones are going INSANE right now. Is that an excuse? No, not really as I always control myself when I did have my time of the month. It's just A LOT more now and it's something different for me. I do cry more than anything though lol :)

  • well not every girl is that way. most girls are that way and its because some have drama like their might be another girl trying to teak her man away from her and girls have diffrent hormones that's why we are a lot more emotional some less than others. some like to stay away from drama like me. I sometimes act like if I was one of my guy friends I try to make things as simple as possible. but its gonna be hard to find a girl that doesn't have drama in her life.

  • Honestly, you obviously haven't dated men. Men can be just as unpleasant as women. Men and women are different, and thus their strengths and weaknesses are different. That said, neither one can lay claim over being more well-adjusted than the other, trust me.

  • most girls seem bitchy because we over think everything and can easily take something the wrong way. personally I don't think I'm one of those girls but I don't know I've just noticed that guys just don't give a sh*t, and girls are lik always causing some sort of drama.

  • Well, I don't know that it is fair to say that ALL girls are bitchy or that ALL guys are a**holes. I am sure that there are good and bad apples on both sides of the spectrum. I personally loathe drama but it tends to find me. Regardless, I am not bitchy or high maintenance. I am a little high strung, focused and organized. No time to be bitchy. I prefer to discuss things in a mature fashion. I hate to argue, fuss and fight. I did so much of it growing up. I also do not like to shop, buy shoes, wear make-up etc. There are many different types of people out there. Broaden your horizons and try not to label people so quickly. Some will surprise you.

  • Ture, lots of drama when it comes to girls.

    But guys could act like jerks and assholes which is pretty much the guy version of a bitch imo. And fyi, not all girls are bitchy. Maybe it's just the girls you've been hanging around with.

    I have a lot of female griends who are very awesome! And we do fun things (just like many other girls, that guys will never do.)

    Like taking silly pictures, gossiping about celebrities, trying on outfits, and dancing goofying around while singing to old songs.

  • maybe shallow vapid girls are bitchy all the time..not all of us are

    you don't think guys are bitchy? ha try turning one down and you'll definitely see his bitch side.

  • Guys are bitchy too. They just don't call them bitchy. They use words like moody, grouchy, in a bad mood, bad tempered, or just a mean jerk or a-hole.

  • *how

    • Why didn't you thank me for correcting your huge mistake?

  • because guys hate drama and they won't deal with it and girls love drama and bring it into anything they do.

  • You know you opened up a can of worms with this question, right? Guys can be bitchy too, don't believe me? Come work with my boss for a while, his mood changes more than the sky has clouds. And when he is bitchy, he is way past anything I can produce.

    Also, on a side note, women are allowed to be bitchy more often if we are good looking. Men will look past it just to have us on thier arm. It's a learned behavior. Now if you are ugly and bitchy, good luck to you honey.

    --- The media doesn't help either. All the reality TV shows, all those women who throw hissy fits and THEN get what they want.

  • There ARE guy drama kings out there. And no, they're not gay. Many are incredibly, undeniably straight. And many know very, very well how to act like a bitch.

  • Girls are verbally abusive and guys are physically abusive, girls use their mouths, guys use their muscles. That's just how it goes, most of the time.

  • Guys are just assholes.

  • PMS. also some bitchy girls are insecure, or just want attention. and they are spolied brats. and they are just bitches.

  • I think that this question is a little biased. Yes, SOME girls can be bitchy and irritable, and yes some guys are not. However, I have known plenty of guys that need to STFU and sit down somewhere. There are plenty of male "drama queens" Just because you haven't ran into them doesn't mean they don't exist. Or, you might have ran into them, but don't think of them as such. Basically, you get to choose what kind of people you want to hang out with, if all of the girls you hang out with are bitchy, annoying and whiny, it's because that is who you choose to hang out with. If you haven't ran into any that are contrary to this, it's probably because you don't want to or don't know how to find girls that aren't "bitchy"

    • Lol so right Kangaz!

    • Yea, some of them are. I just use the term "drama queen" to describe anyone who is attracted to drama.

      example: every single guy/girl that drags their girlfriend/boyfriend and then the girl/guy/cousin/brother/sister/ any other relative they are sleeping with onto the jerry springer show.

      some people are just drawn to drama, sadly because it's all they know

    • Those male drama queens are most likely gay.

  • Uhhhh girls are mean and annoying. Plain and simple. I don't know how yall put up with us. But I will make the arguement that I'm not bitchy at allllll, which is why I hang out with guys ha

  • hormones. hahhaha

  • i've known bitchy guys. really bitchy. with guys, if they're bitchy, there's no inbetween. bitchy guys are always a total bitch. not a little bit, but all the way.

    i've never known a girl to rape someone. I'd rather meet a bitchy girl than a rapist.

  • ive met a bitchy guy .. yupp he is bitchy .. bitchier than any girl I noe .. he is into drama .. I think he might be gay even tho he has a girlfriend ahaha

  • I've met guys who are as bad as bitchy girls, they're just not called "bitchy".

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  • Well it really is dependent on the person not the gender. I have met some really bitchy guys and some really tough girls. It only depends on who you hang around or fall for.


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  • Just the way they are.

  • women may be chemically different, but that doesn't excuse taking out her their bad moods on other people.

    the main problem is that women in western cultures (especially America and western Europe) have been brainwashed into believing that their feelings are the center of the universe and that their feelings are _inherently_ important. guys are expected to be stoic, the strong silent types.

    when compared to men, women aren't told that they occasionally need to just shut the hell up, quit bitching, suck it up and deal with life. rather, women are raised on a diet of coddling and "talk about your feelings" nonsense. the nonsense is that women aren't given much guidance about how to _constructively_ talk about feelings, and how to know when they'd be better served by shutting up and getting over themselves.

    • It is estimated that 95 percent of women experience some form of premenstrual discomfort regularly. --Contemporary care for women's hormone-regulated health

    • Ohh and btw According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, at least 85 percent of menstruating women have at least one PMS symptom as part of their monthly cycle.

    • Youre mad and that is understandable because some girl probably hurt your feelings. just stop doing what you say the bi*** girls do and contimplating about it and writing all this crap down. just know that only some girls are like that, just like only some guys are jerks. :) I hate hate hate drama!

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  • simply because men and women are chemically different. Keep in mind that while you should limit the amount of female drama in your life, it is always fun to be around them, cause bitchy or not, they mix stuff up in our lives and in our heads. This is also the reason that girls chill with girls, and guys chill with guys.

    • Yeah true

    • Nice answer. And might I add that guys have the physical side to contend with, i.e. you're never gonna have to contend with a hench girl because you cussed her sister...