The Meaning of Intense Eye Contact

Is it a good thing? Have you ever wondered why he stares at you? Have you ever wondered what it means when she stares at you? Have you...

10 Motivation Tips For Fitness

Health & Fitness
Tips to Consider: Face it, which one of you lovely ladies or gents DON'T want to look top notch. We imagine ourselves with a spectacular...

No, You Can't Check My Phone.

At least once a day, I see people posting about one of the following scenarios: 1) asker suspects that his/her S/O is cheating and wants...

I'm Married, But I'm Not Having Kids. So Get Over It!

Family & Friends
Yes, my husband and I have been married almost four years now, but early on in our relationship we both decided that neither of us ever...

*#Dr. Sues on St. Patty's day*

Trending & News
A post on two commonalities Dr. Sues "Green egg's, and ham" Saint Patrick, A day to wear green or be pinchy'ed. Most fan's of Dr. Sues...

How a Stranger can Change Your Life

Do you remember that person you met in the street today? Did you smile when you passed by him? We don't usually think about things like...


What happens if you both have sex too early in a relationship?

So I've heard a lot not to have sex too early because the guy has gotten what he wanted and will leave. Is this true with every guy...

For those who think cheating is acceptable, would you then admit to your partner that you have/are cheating?

I recently read how a lot of users here are okay with cheating, that it may be justified. So I'm wondering if they would be upfront with...

Is age difference a big deal?

Is it odd or gross for a 23 year old female to be dating a 19 year old male?

My husband is so passive aggressive, and so am I. It's a disaster, what can I do?

He threw out a watch I found cleaning out the car while we went down the road. I never seen the watch so I made a smart ass comment...

What do guys feel after the breakup?

Break Up & Divorce
Do you guys overthink everything? Analyze what happen? Or you just move on!

Cheating in an open relationship?

My boyfriend of 4.5 years and I have been missing each other terribly, since we got into a long distance relationship, for work reasons....

Which two of these facts about Black Panther are false?

Entertainment & Arts
Let's play a game... Right answer gets MHO (yes I do know the answer) I just found this randomly in a forum. Now whoever made this...


Should people with mental illness be prohibited from having children?

Society & Politics
I would like factual answers please. Don't just say it's okay for them to have kids because it's the "nice" thing to say. I'm honestly...

If a woman asks a guy on a date, who pays?

I offered my extra concert ticket to this guy I recently started talking to, a bit of an excuse to hang out with him. But now, I dont...

What hair colour do guys perfer?

Guy's Behavior
Does it really matter or no?

Have you been dumped because your SO started liking someone else? How did you deal with it?

The question says it all... Have you been dumped for someone else? were you angry? Sad? Depressed? How did you deal with it? Note this...

Do you support giving women the same rights as men to not wear a shirt/top in public?

Society & Politics
Exposed breasts are already legal in certain states and cities in the United States, and in many areas in Europe. Do you think current...